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Bumblebee | Rainmeter Skin

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Current Version : 1.1
Version Code: 20181212
Last Updated : 12 December, 2018

1. Download the latest Rainmeter from Rainmeter Website (At least, V 4.2 required)
2. Install it. Download this skin and open the rmskin file! (GreenDrop icon)
3. Click the Insignia to open vaiables files to configure the skin according to your preferences

About the Skin

This Skin Suite includes several skins:
Bullet; Green Date & Time
Bullet; Green CPU info
Bullet; Green RAM & SWAP usage
Bullet; Green Music Player Controls
Bullet; Green Network Info
Bullet; Green Launchers
Bullet; Green Drive Storage - upto 6 drives
Bullet; Green System Volume
Bullet; Green Power Controls
Bullet; Green Insignia - Opens Variables File and notifies Skin Updates

Wallpaper included, which might be automatically applied when Insignia skin is loaded for First time, otherwise it's placed in resources folder


Bullet; Orange FlyingHyrax for their outstanding DriveList plugin

Version Log

¦¦ V 1.1 - 20181212 ;-
    - Added: Dual Player variant of Music Skin
    - Insignia now also shows which updates are done to newer version of skin

¦¦ V 1.0 - 20181208 ;-
    Initial Release

If you want a help in making rainmeter skins, or help us to.
Join our small group on discord :
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Hey my IP for lan is incorrect. Anything I need to change?

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do you know if this support youtube music for the player?

lacihaver's avatar

Thaknk zou for this goodness.

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Hello there. Very nice job. Thank you. It says there is an update but looks like i just installed latest one. Is there an update? Thanks again.

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It's a glitch. You edit and delete all the "measures" of skin and it'd be fine.

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hi SparkShredder, thanks for sharing. I love the network info skin. One small correction is needed. When I do an Ookla speedtest, my download speed is about 240 Mbps (over wifi), but the Network Info skin shows around 30 Mb/s -> this should be MB/s (megabyte, and not megabit). Is this something I can correct myself in one of the settings files? Thanks.

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Skin shows Megabytes per sec, and speedtest might showing megabit per sec,

1 byte has 8 bits, so, 30*8=240.

Megabyte per sec is how we usually measure data speed normally.

No one really really measures in megabits except for maybe professional people.

But you can measure it in megabits by adding


under NetIn/NetOut measures

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I've changed the location that the music player finds musicbee and it's still saying it's inactive even tho it's open and playing I've refreshed the skin and that's not worked. can I get some help to fix this, please

also, it says there's an update for this but it's taken me to this page and when I download and install it and run it, it still says there is an update

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Have you activated ,"CD art" plugin in Music bee plugins? Location to music bee is un-necessary, really, it's only required click and open the program.

Update skin is buggy, just refresh it. If doesn't work, edit and delete every measure in it.

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do you know where i can find the CD art plugin?

SparkShredder's avatar

it is pre-installed in music bee by default.

Open Music Bee.


plugins tab -> CD art display

onlytheflamer's avatar

that worked thank you for the help

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Very nice skin, thank U :w00t:

Felinno's avatar

Never mind just had to reinstall Music

Felinno's avatar

Cant get the Player to work for iTunes

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Make Red variant please
mrfreezzzz's avatar

here's a red version of it, it's really not hard to modify the skins.

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How to make the ''launchers'' lickable and make it open things.
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Click the Insignia skin, it shall open file , change value of lunch variables for name, and location of folder or file you want to open
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how to download it
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How can i change time variant form 24 hour to 12 hour. 
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