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Blue Diamond

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Steven Universe
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:iconinloveplz: She's so beautiful!! So gorgeous!!

You captured her perfectly!!
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Wow your arts amazing how much would it cost me for you to draw my gemsona?
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Thank you! :D
Send me a note to talk about commissions
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Te quedo FABULOSA!!!
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Voy a llorar de lo fabulosos que es
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Very beautiful. It was nice to learn that the Diamonds are not just one-dimensional evil villains. Still, I wouldn't feel too sorry for them.
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no there is plenty of reason to. you can imagine mourning someone. but we all have the benefit of knowing that one day we will be reunited with our loved ones.
diamonds, gems in general, are nearly eternal beings....... she has mourned and felt this pain for five thousand years. and gems both do not know how to process intense, changing emotion, nor do they even sleep, meaning eveyr single moment has been consumed by grief. cosntant and never ending.

yellow is ismilar, but while it might have opened blue diamond up, yellow diamond closes herself off...... surpressing a tied of pain and grief that surges beneath her surface.
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"we all have the benefit of knowing that one day we will be reunited with our loved ones. "

Not really. That depends on one's belief of what comes after death. But that a whole different debate.
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Someone has pointed out that the gems have no notion of time, so for Pearl, and the others, the loss of rose happened not really long ago
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Yellow has the least sympathy so far. Blue I can say I feel sorry for
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I feel sorry for both honestly since they're both having to deal with a loved one lost that obviously deeply affected them for thousands of years. Yellow just has a burn it all down mentality as an attempt to cope while Blue is more subdued in her grief which makes her look better. Both are dealing with it in unhealthy ways though since they've never had to do deal with losing someone important to them all before.
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"of course we still love her, and were always thinking about her.."

RIP Pink Diamond.
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She is nothing to close to what I envisioned... poor thing.
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II just realized somethign actually. The reason why she wanted to kill Ruby might have been only partially because of fusion.... But mostly because, least in her point of view, the ruby did something that allowed the gems tormenting her beloved sister
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If accidently, but you're right, Ruby saved Sapphire... but also allowed Rose and Pearl to escape.  Blue must have been pissed.
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Yaaaasss!!! Love blue diamond!!! Blue Heart Icon 
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yes of course we still love her
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This is amazing! I absolutely love it
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