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Princess Celestia

As per requested by #MLP-VectorClub, I now bring you this vector as a .SVG Download!


As I said, Princess Celestia was next, so, here she is! This was originally going to be Princess Luna as well, but, the mane turned out to be much to flowy for her, so, I made it Celestia instead! <3 I drew this, so, that explains the bad anatomy. XD;

Also, I AM SO SORRY for the bad quality of her mane and tail. It was my first attempt and as her mane flows, I couldn't get an accurate illustration of it. However, I am going to be studying up on her while I work on my next vector!

Art belongs to me.
Celestia Cutie Mark provided by *BlackGryph0n!
Princess Luna and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belong
to Lauren Faust/Hasbro.

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© 2012 - 2021 SparkPonies
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"Your highness, please tell me you got cake for me? Tia sure loves CAKE!"
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Just once I'd like to see an episode centered entirely on her
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Someone stole this:

Images (8) by menya0zovut0Lizulya
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Holy crap, she looks beautiful here! <3
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Hi! I used your vector as an anatomy reference for this ^^
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:thumb563857502:  i credited
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Hii! Can I use this to make a base?
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The desc. stated you can use teh art work, Just give credit to the creator :)
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Can I use your art for bases? I'll credit you along with a link to the original art that I use. Is that alright with you?
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Awesome I love it! 
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