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Silence Glaive component

i have one on my wall that i drew, in the eighth grade, and i felt like making a really nice vector one. real nostalgic surfin the net lookin up references for the trim... felt like it was 2000 again.

as easy as it looks to make with all the straight lines, it actually gave me some trouble (things had to be precisely lined up or it was horrible.) i mean it only took two nights but wasn't as easy as i thought. i've got all the forms in line so whenever i feel like using any of the AWESOME STOCK at =SenshiStock i can make a better Saturn tribute than the one i already have.

not furnishing a link to that beast.

but yeah there's Sailor Saturn fanart on the slate after the holidays and whatnot. haven't done a fanart in long enough to not feel bashful making one now. :P

forgive crappy pseudo-transparency and sig.
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thank you! this is a blasty from the pasty in more ways than one!
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You're welcome! It is?
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yeah, i submitted it forever ago; i drew it the same forever ago before that; the source material is even older XD
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Hello I used your art here :D…

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Hi, do you mind if I use your design as a kind of base for a weapon I'm working on. Full credit will be given. I really like the design and would like to make something that ressembles this a bit. 
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the design, as intellectual property, isn't mine-- it belongs to the owner of all of the sailor moon material. i just drew this myself by looking at the details other people and the original art included in the basic concept of the weapon, and technically you're free to do the same with this work or anything else you can find on the internet for inspiration. just don't trace/shop this or anything else done by another person into your final work and you're good to go.
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K thanks for the heads up!
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Hello, I used your artwork here in a video of mine, credit has been given and do check out the video whenever you might have the time~
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i'm awfully flattered, and the final work you produced is lovely. it looks like you had a lot of run putting the picture together. n_n i do ask, please, that you credit me in the post of your final work here on DA. in the future though, always remember to make sure that the work you are using is permissible stock, as stealing from other artists is generally frowned upon. i know you had the best of intentions (thank you for bothering to let me know, lots of people don't) but credit after the fact is not an acceptable request to use somebody's work without permission in DA's rulebook. this component was not offered as a stock resource. :/ it was posted as a personal work.

i know it's not much of a masterpiece, i made it years ago and never used it, and i honestly don't even mind if you are upset by my reply and decide not to credit me. i just want you to know you could run into problem if you routinely work this way. please be careful from now on, and select from the stock/resource section or if that turns up dry simply ask the artist of a work you'd like to incorporate (especially line-for-line) for permission. because under different circumstances, and with another artist, you could get in really big trouble! :( i'd hate to see your work removed or someone take a theft matter up to the admin desk.

i hope i haven't put you off, i've run with the vector crowd for a long time here and this was a constant issue we had, even having to sut some of the groups down for theft/tracing of official work. i'm not trying to be mean i just take it seriously, and i hope you found the tone of my reply polite enough. :T
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Oh no no hon! I honestly tend to utterly forget to give credit or least put it into a lot of the stuff I use, much like the Silent Glaive. It rare at times if I use someone stock here on DA, but I do least try to send them a message that I used their work. Which reminds me, I should see if used a stock image for Pluto's Staff >.<

I have however put a link and credit onto Princess Saturn of your piece.

Thanks alot for letting me know~
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no problem. n_n and happy arting <3
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Awesome weapon! *-*

Is it okay that I used it for my work? I will gave full credit!! :squee:
Just tell me, then I can submit it.
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You have successfully created a weapon capable of destroying the world, awesome!
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oh no! you make me sound so... evil! XD
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Such weapons are so pretty... Like the one Abi-Hime gets, lol.
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Nice vectoring. Looks smooth and polished, but still has a human element to it. :)
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Sailor Saturn....nostalgia for 1998 :D Great job on vectoring and shadows and loghts!!!!
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You're welcome! ^^
I play a online Role playing game calling, I was woundering if I could use this piece of art as a bio picture for my character. All credit would go to you of course, and I would in no way change or make any kind of profit off of your artwork. if your permission is granted I will follow any rule's/regulations you put down, thank you.
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