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Marvel Cinematic Universe - Marathon Timeline

Marvel Cinematic Universe - Marathon Timeline (Phase 1 + 2)

Almost one year ago I uploaded the first version of this, thanks to everyone who left positive comments and support!

I made this timeline for people who are new to the franchise, and want to know what order to watch it all in.  This includes the Marvel One-Shots, and the current TV/Netflix series. 
This is not official from Marvel, it's simply a suggested order to watch it all in, based on the years of "research" I've put in myself.

Feel free to leave a comment, or post this elsewhere, just please make sure to link it back to my home page! 

Thanks once again for the support, and I'll try and update it more in the future! :D (Big Grin)
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This is a great image. Exactly what I was searching the internet after watching Iron Man 1. I joined Deviantart just to comment on your image and how much I liked it. I have a collection of movies and I keep them in relevant places, but by far my collection of Marvel/DC/Superpowers gets the most use... by far. They are pretty much all I watch unless I have an urge to watch a specific movie, in which case I do so. If you are also interested in the other cinematic universes like DC, or movies and TV Shows outside of Marvel and DC where humans have superpowers, could you possibly make another image-line graph/chart like that? This is truly the exact way I want to watch all of this cinematic genius in order, and if there were a similar playlist based on superpowers or even a mixed list that would be INSANE. kudos on the image I love it. great work, and Thank you for creating it. had to add some sort of what I mean. Lucy, Ghost rider's for movies, The Flash and Luke Cage on Netflix was also awesome. that kind of stuff
This is great! although wouldn't The First Avenger be first. because its WW2?
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You COULD think of it as a feature-length

Although, doesn't the Agent Carter series take place during/after WWII, too?
Hello Sparko42. This is so awesome, my brother and I have been looking for something exactly like this. So thank you A LOT for making it :)
A quick question, do you plan to update it? Yet again, thank you for this! :)
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*stuffs AoS season 3 and Agent Carter season 2 in there somewhere*
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Wow, is so useful for me right now. Is good see this.
Congratulations for your work! I'm following you ;)
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make a complete for phase 3 and the next phase, thankyou! really help, xD
email or comment for notice me, xD
Agent Carter should be before Iron Man. Other then that though great job dude.
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He isn't suggesting chronological order, Just the order he suggest watching in. It makes perfect sense to watch Agent carter after CA: TFA, being that it continues where CA left off.
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You updated it! This is amazing!!!!!!!!!
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AWESOME! :D Now I have a schedule of films for summer! =) Thank you! :thumbsup:
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I hope you expand this to include the upcoming Phase 3 films.
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This should be pretty great for my dad; he's following the MCU so closely it's shocking. I don't think he knows about the One Shots, because he didn't tell me.
This looks really cool! I made something similar for r/marvelstudios last year, including the comics too. Here's my updated version:  
A few issues exist though. Episodes 20-22 of AoS Season 2 will air after Age of Ultron. Given that episode 19 directly leads into the film, that is important to address.  
Also, the Agent-Carter One-Shot takes place after Season 1 of the Agent Carter series. I had a lot of trouble trying to figure out where to place that one too (between keeping it with Cap or placing it based on release order). I see you took the release order approach, but seeing as you kind of broke that to put the Agent Carter One-Shot near Cap 1 (the one-shot wasn't released until Iron Man 3 came out on DVD), it would make sense to put them all together.  
Finally, AKA Jessica Jones will be coming out toward the end of 2015, not before Ant-Man.  
Also, while this is not an error, you may want to consider putting Daredevil before Season 2 of AoS. Since Ep 19 of AoS Season 2 leads directly into Age of Ultron, it would be good to go straight to the film after that episode. All we know about Daredevil timeline wise is that it takes place after AoS Season 1 (due to the "Cybertek Settles" news article we see) and before Age of Ultron (as confirmed by one of the show runners).  
I love the visuals on this thing though! It looks really cool! Thanks for sharing!
First I would like to thanks both of you for creating this visual representation of the vieworder/timeline. I have used this many times when explaining the timeline to myself when confused or to others who are just starting to watch the MCU.

Secondly I want to clarify if we are considerin this a vieworder or a timeline. If we consider it a timeline, the events of Captain America and Agent Carter happen before the rest of the movies and TV shows. As is on the Marvel Cinematic Universe Wikia page.

I would also like to put out the idea of a live updating version of this you both have created. What I saying is a website or app that one can view and see the same information as presented in these images but that can be updated regulary when new contect comes out and corrected for errors. If possible it could have a diffrent tab for how people prefer to see the line; in release order, vieworder, or time order. This would be incredible and many people will love it and use it. For this we will need someone with knowledge of making apps and/or knowledge of webpage creation. 

Just puting out my thoguhs and comments, hope for the best. I will love to see a live updating version. Once again thanks for this great content.
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That's really awesome, I like how you've included the comics also.  I had originally planned for the comics with this one, but decided to leave it with just the Movies/One-Shots/TV Shows.  And at the time I'd finished editing this (before uploading it), I wasn't aware that E19 would lead directly into the movie, so I'll be definitely adjusting this in the future.  

And Thanks for the tip about Daredevil, having nearly finished watching it now, I can see how it would probably fit better after S1 of AoS.  As you did notice, I've been mostly adhering to the release order, as I feel it flows better for the viewer, and helps to mix it up a little.  I haven't watched Agent Carter (the one-shot) in a long time, so it's good to know it fits AFTER the series.  I'll watch it again and see where I think it fits better.

I wasn't sure when AKA Jessica Jones would be coming out, so I'll move it to after Ant-Man.

Thanks for the feedback and the tips, while it's not exactly 100% accurate, it is simply my suggested order to watch everything in.  And it IS a work-in-progress, one day it'll be perfect :P
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Dude your awesome, i think you should keep the timeline order in the sense of when they are released since most timelines don't, your work is amazing!
I just wanted to say thank you so much!
I'm really glad I was able to find a simple release order timeline, rather than chronological, it makes much more sense to me to view them as they were released (:
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