January EMTC! + 32 Entries + CLOSED!

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*EMTC stands for Emote Monthly Themed Challenge.  Perhaps it is a lame title for now, but I am open to suggestions if anyone has a better idea.

:bulletpink::bulletpink:And thus ends my first EMTC!  With a whopping 32 entries, I feel it was a decent success. :D I will be contacting Synfull soon and the results should be posted either later today...or tomorrow.  And then I will post February's Theme! :dummy:


I have decided, as a resolution of sorts, to run an emote contest each month during the year 2010. :dummy: It should keep me busy and about, but not be so difficult as to interfer with the raising of the new born I will be having in the near future. :aww: And, it should stretch the imagination muscles of all my fellow emoticonists out there!  Each month, I will pick a theme.  Those who want to participate will have the rest of the month, or at least within a day or two of the end of the month, to hit me with submissions.  And the great part?  A 3-month sub for the winner! (with the possibility of a 1-month sub or so if the judging becomes really hard ;) )  To keep things fair, the winner of the previous month will be offered a spot to judge...since they won't be able to participate in the next month's contest.  I want to be sure everyone has a chance of winning and stuff.  But those are the boring details that I will get into if this thing runs smoothly and attracts enough attention for me to continue to give out subs! :la:


ARRR!  For the first theme, I want to see Pirate emotes! :pirate: Make a huge pixel ship crawling with scurvy sea-vermin emotes...or depict an emoticon stealing internet. :aww: It just needs to have something to do with pirates...and with emotes! :la:



:bulletred: Only new submissions for this.  The emote must be submitted after the theme has been announced.

:bulletred: Please submit your piece in the form of a .png or a .gif.   

:bulletred: The piece must include an emoticon of some sort.  Kinda the point, really. ;)

:bulletred: In case it isn't completely obvious from your deviation, mention in your artist comments how the emote deals with the theme please. :D

:bulletred: Please NOTE your contest entry to SparklyDest as that will make it easier for me to keep track of the entries.

:bulletred: You may enter as many times as you want. :D

:bulletred: Deadline January 29th, 2010, midnight EST

*Should I be having a baby around this time, I will quickly tie up the loose ends and start the next theme as soon as I am home and have the time to do so :nod: Hopefully the fetus won't pop right then, but who knows with these things? :giggle:


:bulletgreen: A 3 month sub to the winner
:bulletgreen: A free emote request by ManiacalMuffin
:bulletgreen: An animated avatar request by Seiorai
:bulletgreen: An animated emote request by moohug4
:bulletgreen: An emote request by Chrysshart
:bulletgreen: An avatar request by AyeEmAye
:bulletgreen: A journal feature by SparklyDest
:bulletgreen: A month feature in a custom box on SparklyDest's page
:bulletgreen: A journal feature by Seiorai
:bulletgreen: A journal feature by KimRaiFan
:bulletgreen: A journal feature by Mirz123
:bulletgreen: A journal feature by JulienPradet
:bulletgreen: A journal feature by bigfunkychiken
:bulletgreen: A journal feature by ManiacalMuffin
:bulletgreen: A journal feature by Desopilar
:bulletgreen: A journal feature by Krissi001
:bulletgreen: A journal feature by Cmotes
:bulletgreen: A journal feature by Marc-pHX
:bulletgreen: A journal feature by moohug4
:bulletgreen: A journal feature by Chrysshart
:bulletgreen: A journal feature by mintyy
:bulletgreen: A journal feature by Oktanas (First Place Only)

:bulletpurple: Possible 1 month sub by SparklyDest should she decided to give one to an honorable mention :dummy:
:bulletpurple: Static emote request by :moohug4: should there be an honorable mention. :meow:
:bulletpurple: An avatar request by AyeEmAye should there be an honorable mention. :)

Prizes donations are extremely welcomed here. :D


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