February EMTC + 20 Entries! + Hours left!

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YAY!  I broke 10 entries! :boogie:

EDIT!!  HEY ALL!  I know I haven't been updating like I should.  I blame crazy hormones, a demanding newborn, and an ill oldest child. ^^; BUT!  I haven't forgotten about my contest.  So!  Let's get this baby 10 entries before it ends!  I mean, 3 month sub and all...I want at least ten entries to choose between! </edit>

That really says it all, doesn't it? :aww: I pondered off and on about a theme for this month, (didn't want to do love or hearts or anything like that since there will probably be enough contests with that themes), and I decided to go with something that will make me happy, no matter how loud my new addition might cry/scream. ;) And let's face it, sparkles became the obvious answer. :giggle: So, that is your theme!  Make me something that glitters, shimmers, and just exudes shiny-ness!  Or, if you are feeling you want to think outside of the box :eyes:, make something that is completely dull and dreary and has no chance of any sparkles ever touching it.  I know not everyone is a sparkle fan, and un-sparkles still has the idea of sparkles in it. ;) Just explain your thoughts behind it in your comments.  And basically, have fun!



:bulletred: Only new submissions for this.  The emote must be submitted after the theme has been announced.

:bulletred: You can enter as many times as you want.

:bulletred: Please include a brief explanation to the theme, if it isn't already completely obvious in the deviation.

:bulletred: Please submit your piece in the form of a .png or a .gif.   

:bulletred: The piece must include an emoticon of some sort.  Kinda the point, really. ;)

:bulletred: Please NOTE your contest entry to SparklyDest as that will make it easier for me to keep track of the entries.

:bulletred: Deadline February 27th, 2010, midnight EST


:bulletgreen: A 3 month sub to the winner
:bulletgreen: A month feature in a custom box on SparklyDest's page
:bulletgreen: A Custom Box feature by Oktanas
:bulletgreen: A journal feature by SparklyDest
:bulletgreen: A journal feature by Krissi001
:bulletgreen: A journal feature by ManiacalMuffin
:bulletgreen: A journal feature by Desopilar
:bulletgreen: A journal feature by JulienPradet
:bulletgreen: A journal feature by Marc-pHX
:bulletgreen: A journal feature by ByPriorArrangement
:bulletgreen: A journal feature by dp246
:bulletgreen: A journal feature by KimRaiFan
:bulletgreen: A journal feature by Mr-Jaunty
:bulletgreen: A journal feature by Mirz123

:bulletpurple: Possible 1 month sub by =SparklyDest should she decided to give one to an honorable mention :dummy:
:bulletpurple: Possible month feature in Custom Box on SparklyDest's page
:bulletpurple: A journal feature by ByPriorArrangement
:bulletpurple: A journal feature by KimRaiFan

:bulletyellow: Close Contenders will be featured in Custom Box. :aww:

:new:**Winners are welcome to donate their prizes to others if they so wish. :D **

Prizes donations are extremely welcomed here. :D Anyone else who offered prizes for the entire time, please remind me and I will try to keep track of it so you don't have to tell me each month. :D


1. Sparkles on you by SpencerMel by SpencerMel

2. Sad Sparkles by Mr-Jaunty by Mr-Jaunty

3. make you shine by KatataEtc by KatataEtc

4. Beware of Sparklezz by fauxonym7 by fauxonym7

5. Sparkle Smile by ebilartista by ebilartista

6. :thumb153481871: by franfreg

7. Sparkly Contest Entry. by SmilingMuffin by SmilingMuffin

8. :thumb154167749: by Mirz123

9. :thumb154796043: by Mirz123

10. Sparkles Full View Please by I-Hasa-Muffin by I-Hasa-Muffin

11. EMTC - February by UnicornReality by UnicornReality

12. Sparkly sneeze by Katuend by Katuend

13. :thumb155225461: by oObekahOo

14. :sparklelick: by Fuzzi-Wuzzi by Fuzzi-Wuzzi

15. a sparkle night by FlorianReich by FlorianReich

16. Starzii Sparkles Entry by starzii by starzii

17. SPARKLE MAN by Tvoltage by Tvoltage

18. Oh No by rythemguy by rythemguy

19. :thumb155438562: by Ravenswd

20.  :thumb155494585: by Mirz123

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Here's another entry from me. Hoping to push you past 20! [link]