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:zombie: revamp

So, with my contest having this theme, and ~flashfrog using this theme for his revamp contest, I figured it was about time I tried to make another zombie myself. :nod:

So, there is brain matter and a rib showing, oozing eyes and some hand waving. I feel I have covered most of the zombie requirements. :D Not much else to say. other than I am extremely happy with the green I decided to go with! :dummy:

An entry for ~flashfrog Monthly Revamp Contest Zombies.
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Just to let you know this emote has been featured in So i herd u liek emotes?? V81 :la:
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awesomesauce, pissed off zombie
get ready for mine ;D
SparklyDest's avatar
:D Thanks!
:eager: I am ready!
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GAAAAH! Please, don't bite me!!
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I love the shading :la:
Nice revamp :meow:
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:dummy: I am glad, I worked hard on it!
Thank you. :aww:
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Ok, I was gonna say, you can't enter your own contest :noes:

Nice job :dummy:
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:giggle: That is why I never end up doing an emote with my contest's theme. But this month I could enter it in someone else's, so I decided to be inspired! :dummy:

Thank you! :D
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:XD: That's kinda sad though, because you have this great theme but you can't do it :noes:

You're welcome :D

Say, have you been getting any faving sprees lately? I've had like five deviants come and fav like half my gallery :O_o: I'm just curious if it's just me or what.
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I think I had one deviant come and do a faving spree on me in the last day or so, but I already cleared it. :p
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I get that same thing. There are about 3-4 deviants who fav bomb like 6 or more at a time and I'm like...."woah...t-thank you?" Not that I don't appreciate it. ^^;

Lovely revamp by the way!!! :clap:
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Aww. I just been getting a lot of dem.

It's not bad or anything, it just gets annoying. :P
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