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Don't act like you are surprised I would make this. It was just a matter of time before I made me a pumpkin one. :giggle:

EDIT! Now a plz account!!

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:pumpkinla: by SparklyDest The most pumpkin person around here approves!
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I LOVE pumpkinla! :love: Very cute. :D

:pumpkinla: :pumpkinla: :pumpkinla: Mmm...pumpkin Mmm...pumpkin Mmm...pumpkin Tardkin NaNoEmo #1: Happy Pumpkin NaNoEmo #10 c: Pumpkin NaNoEmo #12 Tard Pumpkin :halloween: revamp NaNoEmo #9 LOL Pumpkin 
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omg omg :pumpkinla: :pumpkinla: :pumpkinla: :pumpkinla: ty
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:iconpumpkinlaplz: I don't know if this will work 
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I love la in general, and seeing an halloween themed la makes me so happy! :iconlachoirplz: 
too bad the :: code doesn't work :/
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The thumbcode should work.  If not, you can add it via the "Add Media" button in the comment box.  A lot of people have been using it already. :D
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On the contrary it doesn't, because the colon plus the letter p in deviantart code is an emoticon (:P) so when I try to write it this comes out: :pumpkinla:
I'm a bit bothered because I would write it in my signature :/
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Oh, no.  The deviantart code doesn't work for an emoticon, but the thumbcode will.  It is located on the right hand side, under details.

: thumb146352378 : (no spaces)

And there is a way to use it in the signature, but I haven't figured it out just yet.
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Uuuh, I cannot use thumbcodes in a comment because I have no premium membership XD but it's not such a big deal because it is avaiable with a sort of direct link provided by this site

And so... where can I use that colon code?
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It worked for me in comments.  It will also work in your journal and ID box on your page.
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Happy Halloween! :iconpumpkinlaplz:
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