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:halloween: revamp

AH HA! I did it! I did a revamp for the legend! :evillaugh: And it is the only one I would want to do a revamp of. I love the pumpkins. :nod: So yeah, I don't believe it will go into the legend, but that's ok. I really enjoyed making this and it is the best pumpkin I have made to date. The flickering amuses me too. :D

Your thoughts? I won't do a critique as it isn't original and the details are hard to see. But any pointers to improve it are always welcomed. :nod: Just don't tell me to start over. :faint: ;)
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Yeah, I agree this one looks better, especially with the flickering of light in the face :pumpkin:
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I Like the colours and the shading.
Far superior to the original :highfive:
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:worship: Thank you for the praise! :nod:
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You're very welcome
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I love this little pumpkin. How many frames did it take? Is it really hard? I have yet to make a non-static emote lol. Ugh.. You should do a tut if you haven't already sweetie. :heart: That's just how I feel. ;) :P
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I am so glad! It took me 12 frames, and the timing is really the hardest part. I haven't done a tut yet, but have thought about it. I think I would have more difficulty setting up the actual tutorial then sharing how I animate. ;)
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