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December 30, 2008
:droplet: by =SparklyDest, suggested by a few others too, is a very well animated emoticon with great effects and water shine throughout the drop. I especially like the splash created at the end!
Featured by Chimpantalones
Suggested by arsio
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This idea tickled my grey matter the other day and I started wondering if I could pull it off. After several attempts and four or five hours, I finally have an end product. :D I am amused greatly. :eager:

Edit :faint: :omg: What a pleasant thing to wake up to! And right in the middle of moving. :giggle: Thank you so much to ~arsio and the few others who suggested it (I'm looking at you, *Momma--G) and thank you so much to `Chimpantalones for featuring it! :boogie:

EDIT 2 So, this was such a huge success, I will never be able to thank you all individually and keep up with my hygiene/eating/sleeping. :p :giggle: So, to everyone who adds this to their favorite, thank you so very much! :bow:
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somehow i like the word water and water drop  water is a pretty word
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It is fun to say. :)
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ima collecting mine :)
Tard Hi 
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:dropletplz: is ¡awesome!
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Use the Add Media button.  Search droplet. :)
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Sorry, but I do not understand it :( as i do?
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"Add Media" is at the bottom of the comment box when you go to leave a comment.  Click that and a box will open on the right side of the screen with all the different emotes you can use. :)
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Thank you very much, already I could do it, thank you:droplet: 
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wow this is so cool. how did u do this?
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Thank you! It takes a lot of time and patience. :giggle: If you are interested in trying to make emotes, you can head over to #Emotication. You need an art program and an animation program, and that group can give you options for both, as well as tutorials on how to create emotes in them. :D
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k thanks i am now appart of the group :)
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:icondroplet: ---------------------tear
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Just to let you know this emote has been featured in the latest volume of Your picks, my page :icondweebdanceplz:
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