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May 22, 2011
Gothic Pixel Font by =SparklyDest (Suggested by `Mirz123 and ^krissi001.) `Mirz123 says, "a gorgeous, stylized pixel font for use in your gothic-themed project. I simply adore the look of this font."
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Gothic Pixel Font

I have fiddled around and created another font. :D When I was making my entry for the #EmoteOCs pageant contest, I went searching for a font that was pixel and kinda gothic. I couldn't find anything. :| So, I decided to just wing it and pixel out the letters the best I could. Once I made my OCs name, I realized I am always trying to find a gothic pixel font...why not just use the letters I have already created and make the whole alphabet? :meow: So I did! I don't know how gothic these letter really are, or if they even qualify as Pixel anymore....but I like it. And maybe somebody will too. :)

:bulletblack: If you use, credit would be nice. :) And a link to show me where would be lovely as well!

Example of Font:

Thanks to ^stuck-in-suburbia for the website link. You rock.

EDIT Now with " ' - _ :)

HOLY TINY LETTERS, BATMAN! My very first non-emote-related DD! :boogie: Thank you so much to `Mirz123 and `krissi001 for suggesting it, and to `FantasyStock for featuring it. :eager: Thank you for all the favs and comments. I intend on responding to each and every soon as I am done moving. :giggle: :heart:
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i used this, but instead of downloading it as a font i just pixeled it in bc im too lazy to figure that out
uh so this is a thing by ThisIsCreativeName
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How did you make it? I mean, like, the font (to make it downloadable)?
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That website lets you create them and then download them. :)
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Used here. I absolutely LOVE this font.
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Hi, can I use it for pixel commissions? 
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May I use the little quote at the bottom for the title of an upcoming deviation? I will credit you. :3
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You can, but I am not the author of the quote.  So no need to credit me. ;)
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Oh! Okay. :3 Danke!
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I'll probably use this!
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Really nice font! Thanks for making it^^
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