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Yeah I'm done with this site.
I'll be storing all of the artwork later, unless you're reading this later, then I'll have already done it.

I'm not making a new account, and I'm not leaving for some dramatic reason. Most of my friends have already left this site, and it's time I did too.

If you wish to continue following my art, the following options are available:
On Tumblr: sparklum.tumblr.com/
You can also follow on Twitter and Facebook, which will update when I update the Tumblr blog
Twitter: twitter.com/sparklum
Facebook: www.facebook.com/LumiSquirrel

You can also follow me in these places:
FurAffinity: www.furaffinity.net/user/spark…
Weasyl: www.weasyl.com/profile/lumi

I'm sorry for dedicated followers, some of you whom have been following me since kitsune-lunari and Commander-Luminaire, some of you for quite longer. I'll still be around here and there, as I follow some fantastic artists who only post on this site. As for me, I'm done posting here.

Good bye.
© 2013 - 2021 SparkLum
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ayame18's avatar
Good thing I follow you on Tumblr. Have a great day and many more. :wave:
Stollrofl's avatar
I know the feeling. Hardly anyone I knew three years ago on dA is still active, I rarely visit anymore. As one of your kitsune-lunari followers, I wish you good luck in your future endeavors. :bye:
Kitsune-Genetica's avatar
It's a shame, but 'so it goes'.

See you around. Hope you find your own little niche. :D
britegreenfish's avatar
I stay for some friends, but honestly Im fed up too
FxSql's avatar
Yeah, that's part of the reason I stayed too, but they've all gone now to other places
britegreenfish's avatar
all this is freaking addictive, so no worries if you leave
MstrMEMEME's avatar
sad to see you go but if that's to be it's to be
RaegalTBoggart's avatar
Goodbye again. See you next week.
FxSql's avatar
I've been fed up with deviantART for about a year or so now, but I stayed on here for my watchers. But I'm too fed up with this site, now.
RaegalTBoggart's avatar
I can't deny your animosity, nor can I defend Deviant Art. I'm just saying you've got more than a few journals just like this. If DA didn't have a purpose for me, I'd leave it too, but I've got to have a non-furry place to show off my draws to people.
FxSql's avatar
That's what Tumblr is for.
RaegalTBoggart's avatar
Tumblr is for infinitely scrolling down through the never ending reblogs of The Guardian ships and other weird photosets. It's about as much an art gallery as Twitter is a means of getting a job.
FxSql's avatar
That's why I'm going to recode my art blog to be a gallery. Tumblr HTML coding isn't difficult.
RaegalTBoggart's avatar
This is true. Still, DA shall serve it's purpose as my "public face" for now until I get my own site up and running (which'll happen just as soon as I surmount Mt.Apathy and actually code the damn thing)
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