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I'm still settling into my new marina home. I unpacked my dolls today and did some boil straightens.  I even ran to Toys R Us to peruse their doll offerings.  I got a two pack of Nefera De Nile and Amanita Nightshade.  I going to resell the Amanita, but I love this Nefera.

I watched the 'Welcome to Monster High' reboot movie and decided to review it.  

So, with the reboot of the series with new dolls.  The face molds are the same with new added details - Clawdeen has hairy arms, Cleo has molded bandages BUT THEY STILL DIDN'T MAKE DRACULAURA SHORT.  Anyway.  I haven't really seen any new dolls that blow my skirt up. I did get the Shreikwrecked Clawdeen but that was mostly because of the nautical theme.


The movie.

I tried to keep an open mind and take an unbiased look at it.  There are some things I like and some things I didn't.

In this version, Draculaura is the main character.  And she was the first name Mattel put a patent on, so this may have been in the works for a while.  It's starts with a really great message: Normal is how you feel, not what you do.  Normal is different for everyone.  

I love that! So we're off to a good start.  And we finally get to meet her dad!  Dracula is freaking adorable.  He has a serious Charles Offdensen vibe; his bat form even looks like MFBO.

Frights, Camera, Action actually banished him to Antarctica 'on business' so he wasn't around to protect his daughter.  Clawdeen's mother is also present and it's heavily implied the two have a thing for each other.  I like that.  It's nice to see parental interaction.  That's one thing I love about Ever After High; even though it's a boarding school, the characters still interact with their families. 

Now a bad family observation: Clawdeen's siblings aren't there.  Oh, she has about twenty little brothers about eight to ten years old that are all identical.  But there's no Clawd, no Howleen, and no Clawdia (since she's already graduated that's excusable, but not the rest of them!)

They've changed up designs so there's more . . . monstery shaped monsters.  They aren't all identical body types with different skin tones.  I like that, too. However . . . there's a hulking, horned, hairy monster that they found in an ice cave that happens to be Abbey Bominable's colors.  That's - that's not supposed to be Abbey, is it?  I mean, they made a 'Welcome to Monster High' Abbey doll, but she never appears in the movie.

That's her in the back.  (Clawdeen's mom is on the right)

This also gives an example of the new animation style, which isn't bad.  I'm pretty neutral on that front.

The most noticeable thing is they've lightened up everyone's makeup.  I'm torn on that.  On Frankie it works, because she's supposed to be fresh-faced and naive. Draculaura's is okay.  I can accept the fact that Lagoona doesn't appear to wear any makeup.  Cleo De Nile is an Egyptian princess. She should not be rocking the natural look.  When we first see Clawdeen, she's dressed casually and the no makeup thing works then.  But then she goes back to her fashionista roots.  She should not be totally blinged out with purple streaks, but a nude palette.  Get thee to Sephora!

I know everyone likes to criticize the makeup on dolls and I myself have picked character dolls specifically because they had lighter makeup.  But it depended entirely on the character.  Some girls love makeup and that's fine!  There's nothing wrong with being interested in clothes and makeup!  Maybe display a little diversity in the range is all.  On the main five I can accept little to no makeup on three of them.

"The main five?" You say.  "What about Ghoulia?"

Ghoulia's not in this movie.  Ghoulia hasn't been written out entirely, per the official website, but I think it was because they were hit with a tidal wave of angry messages that boiled down to 'Where is Ghoulia?!'  She wasn't in the Lady Gaga video, either.

Which I'm pleased to hear.  I like Ghoulia, but I don't really like her dolls.  I don't think they look like the character and that bothers me.  But I think it's really important and probably very special to a lot of people to have a non-verbal main character.  After Guardians of the Galaxy came out, there were a lot of thankful posts and messages about having differently abled heroes.  Groot was non-verbal (mostly).  A lot of autistic kids identified with Drax, etc.  And how great is it in a world of singing, dancing Disney princess types to have an awkward, slow, (but wicked smart) character that can't speak, but still has loads of friends and a boyfriend and hangs out with all the cool kids?!  While you were making the merman in the wheelchair and the peg leg pirate ghost, maybe realize you already had differently abled character.

Anyway; back to something else I liked: the monsters have weaponized powers.  Draculaura can transform into a bat and she also has this sonic scream thing going on.  Clawdeen can actually transform into a wolf.  Lagoona's super fast, Frankie can electrocute people (like, on purpose), and Cleo can mummify people.  Like, she throws bandages off of her arms and they wrap up her target.  She may also know martial arts, because at one point she snaps into a fighting stance, then realizes she's fighting a zombie and she has time to spare.

The movie is decent and it has some good songs.  That being said, I hope they don't stick with this either in show or doll form.  There's starting to be a lot of super cheap dolls - with greatly reduced articulation and molded on clothing.  Ever After High has already given up on the quality front.  It looks like Monster High may be running out of ideas.

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sunstroke-art Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Daay Drac is nerdy and gorgous!
SparklinBurgndy Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I know, right?  He's yummy!  To quote the Cryptkeeper: He's put more high quality gash in the ground than plate tectonics!
MagicRat Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2016
What's a boil straighten? And the movie actually sounds like it could be fun. I may go check it out.
SparklinBurgndy Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
When you want to give a doll curls, you wrap the hair around straws and pour or dip it in boiling water. That's called a boil perm. If dolls have straight hair but it has links from packaging or being in storage, you pour or dip it in boiling water and comb it straight. That's a boil straighten.
MagicRat Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2016
Cool! :D
MistressOfTheVoid Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2016   Digital Artist
i'd take quality over quantity any day. seems these toy companies don't share that ideal.
SparklinBurgndy Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Monster High was fantastic for the longest time, but when you molded on clothes on a doll, that's the brand's way of saying "Fuck it."
MistressOfTheVoid Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2016   Digital Artist
They've hit the 'who cares at this point' stage of merchandising.

Pity. They had some cool character designs and ideas they never explored further. 
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