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Romantic Garden


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Romantic Garden


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Progressive Kingdoms

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Eternal Wasted Youth

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Dance of the Two Hankies


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What Happens in Mexicolt - Epilogue

Rarity had a dream on her last night in Canterlot.  She dreamed she was walking through the promenades dressed in a gorgeous frock.  Vida was by her side, in full formal attire and looking proud enough to pop the buttons off of his tuxedo.  In the detached realm of dream logic, it was a moment before she realized there was a foal carriage before them. It was draped in lace and tulle, upholstered with satin, and cradling the most gorgeous mule foal Equestria had ever seen.  The tiny baby was silver with a light blue mane.  A tiny pink bow around her forelock let Rarity know she'd had a filly – er, a molly. "Mi Tesoro," Vida cooed.  "My

Misc. Anthro

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Ulfur - 7

“So how do I look?” The pack turned to see Sigvard walking into the great room dressed in a black tuxedo, complete with a black wool coat, a pale blue bow tie and white gloves.  Rolf whistled appreciatively, while Esbjorn and Tuomas let out little howls. “Yeah, yeah,” the pack alpha said with a grin. “What’s the female opinion?” The assembled wolves looked at Gytha, who hadn’t torn her eyes away from Sigvard since he entered.  She finally cast a look at Thorkill; who was looking just a teeny bit  . . . pouty. “I love youuuuuuu!” Gytha protested, cuddling up to her mate. The rest


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Sir Charles and  his Triad of Wenches

Poly Stuff

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New Beginnings


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Brotherly Love II

There was a schism in the Valentine household.  Strictly speaking, the schism involved Sephiroth and the remnants, but it was felt throughout the large, extended family. Kadaj had dragged himself to Costa Del Sol, barely alive.  Loz had taken in the youngest remnant and nursed him back to health.  And that’s when the trouble started.  Yazoo remembered all too clearly Kadaj allowing Hojo to inject him with the noxious poison that rendered him infertile.  Yazoo chose to remind Kadaj of this occurrence via the Velvet Nightmare.  Loz had knocked the barrel away before Yazoo could split Kadaj’s head open, Sephiroth had belted Loz, Kad


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Gutsy Smurf plush


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