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Monument keyboard

Да-да, та самая каменная клавиатура :D

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Когда технопровидец перепутал подразделения и заказал разработку клавиатуры в Adeptus Titanicus.
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That is crazy but fun looking art must be in Bill Gates Backyard I bet LOL! :)
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Excuse my pun, but the only thing that comes to mind is "graveyard shift", lol
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Вот откуда Бог введёт команду "rm - rf".
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Looks cool!
(Выглядит круто)! La la la la 
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Where is this? This is sick!
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looks old? when was it made?
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So this is where Paul Bunyan left his keyboard. XP
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Heart Love :happybounce: +fav 
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сколько сил потребуется для слова метилпропенилендигидроксициннаменилакриловая (кислота)?
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The fact that this exists is just so awesome. 
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If that's the size of the Keyboard... How big is the screen?

Mother Nature's Personal Computer I take it, and brilliant sculpture or what this "Keyboard" comes under. :)
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This actually exists? That's awesome :D
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that is just the greatest thing ever
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Aa! Kомпьютер из каменного века :)
(Stone-age computer) :)
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Spatsiba & Favved with extreme prejudice!
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stone henge in 500 years
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