Dimensional Tides Chapter 1- New Arrivals

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(Author's note: There is supposed to be colors for dialogue, but DA ain't havin' it apparently... :|)

Dimensional Tides

Chapter 1

New Arrivals

Twilight Sparkle
Starlight Glimmer
5:38 AM
- - - - - - -
Castle of Friendship
Ponyville, Equestria

    A young princess stood by the double-doors leading out to a balcony, gazing to the East as the first rays of daylight began to peek from behind the Canterlot Mountains. She had decided to wake up early to admire the work of her former teacher, Princess Celestia. It was the morning after Hearth’s Warming, and as the first light of day touched the white snow that blanketed everything it could, the snow glittered in the light, making Ponyville look as if the town was filled precious gems rather than snow. It was then that Twilight heard the sound of something (or in this case, someone) stirring behind her. She turned her head to see that Spike had awoken. He had been helping Twilight organize a few books from the bookshelf in her quarters the night before when he fell asleep.

(Twilight)“Morning Spike.”

(Spike)“Morning Twilight.”

Twilight thought for a moment, then a smile formed on her face as she thought of the room next door, and the mare who resided within it.

(Twilight)“Shall we venture next door and see if Starlight is awake yet?”

(Spike)“Eh, why not.”

    As Twilight and Spike approached the door, Twilight’s horn was enveloped in a magenta aura, which also enveloped the door handle. Just as the door opened, the two were greeted by the very mare they were about to check on, her hoof raised (because she was about to knock on Twilight’s door).

(Starlight)"Twilight! I was just about to see if you were awake yet.”

(Twilight)“Really? Because Spike and I were just about to do the same with you!”

The trio shared a good laugh, then a soft growl was heard.


(Twilight)“Breakfast anyone?”

(Starlight)“What’s on the menu?”

(Twilight)“How do blueberry pancakes sound?”

(Starlight)“Sounds good.”
    As the three made their way through the halls, Starlight began to think to herself. It’s only been just over a year since she had attempted to change the course of Equestria’s history forever, and now, after she had decided to reform (with some help from Twilight), she was now living with her as her student. And after that, she had to challenge the Queen of the Changelings in order to save Equestria from being taken over by them. Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard Twilight’s voice speaking to her.

(Twilight)“Is everything alright Starlight? You just kind of stopped and looked down at the floor…”

(Starlight)“I was just… thinking.. to myself about everything that's happened in the last year or so.”

(Twilight)“Oh… well, come on! The sooner we get downstairs, the sooner we’ll have blueberry pancakes!”

Starlight began trotting to rejoin Twilight and Spike, but as she passed a window, she stopped again and looked outside towards the early morning sky. Her eyes were focused on a patch of clouds that didn’t look quite right. Twilight and Spike soon appeared beside her, trying to follow Starlight’s line of sight.

(Twilight)“Might I ask, what exactly are you looking at?”

(Starlight)“Do you see that patch of clouds over there?”

As she was saying this, Starlight raised a hoof and pointed it towards the cloud patch.

(Twilight)“Yes, I see it now.”

(Spike)“Whoa… that is weird.”

    The clouds appeared to be moving around something, but whatever it was, it was invisible. Suddenly, the clouds began to grow darker and lightning began sparking between the clouds. The strange thing was, there was no thunder; only the sound of electricity between clouds. Twilight, Spike and Starlight looked at each other, then back towards the strange event unfolding before them.

(Starlight)“Should we…-”

Almost as if Twilight had read her mind, she was cut-off by her reply.

(Twilight)“I think we should.”

Twilight’s horn ignited with a magenta glow, and the three disappeared, quite literally, in a flash.
    When the three reappeared, they were outside in the hoof-deep snow, looking up at the event above them. The white lightning still sparked between the clouds, but as a swirl began to appear within the open space in the clouds, the lightning began sparking more furiously. Suddenly, there was a bright flash with a loud bang, almost like Rainbow Dash was performing a sonic rainboom. When the sound finally dissipated, everything was silent, so quiet that if one were to listen closely, they could probably hear a feather falling. Twilight, Spike and Starlight were readjusting their vision after the bright flash, and when they looked back towards the clouds, they found themselves speechless from shock: The clouds had gotten lighter in color, the lightning had stopped completely, and just underneath the open circle in the center of the clouds, seven orbs of various colors, hovering in a circular formation:
One was lavender with a hint of white in the center,
One was bright red,
The smallest one was a golden orange,
Another one was light green,
The largest one was brilliant gold,
One was fiery orange with wisps of silver,
And the last one was a bright neon blue.

    As other ponies began to wander from their cottages to see what all of the commotion was, the small, golden orange orb began floating down towards the snow covered ground. Twilight, Spike and Starlight made their way near where it appeared the orb would land. When the orb touched the snow, the snow around the orb mysteriously vanished into a very thin mist until the orb had finally reached the frozen ground hidden underneath the orb, forming a perfect, clear-cut circle surrounding the orb. Twilight, Spike and Starlight crept slightly closer towards where the orb landed and noticed that while this orb was the smallest of the seven, it was still roughly the size of an average foal, say around the age of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. The golden orange light that had been engulfing the orb began to fade, and the light had completely dissipated, the trio’s jaws dropped. There, where just a minute ago was a glowing foal-sized orb, was a filly, curled up and eyes closed, breathing softly.

(Twilight)“Absolutely incredible…”

(Starlight)“How is this even possible?”

Twilight thought for a moment, a quizzical expression on her face. She then gave a very simple reply.

(Twilight)“I don’t know…”

    They turned their attention back to the filly and observed her rather strange appearance:
The filly was tan with a darker brown underbelly, she had a white mane, which has a slight wave to it and her bangs looked much like Princess Luna’s, while part of her mane was parted to the other side of her neck and ended with a curl. The filly had small appendages on either side of her muzzle, which was gray with a lighter gray ring around it, and small, caterpillar-like legs between her forelegs and her hind-legs. She was wearing an amulet around her neck, and the symbol on the amulet was nothing that Twilight, Spike or Starlight had ever seen: four lines, coming close together towards the center in a way that one would typically see the cardinal directions on an illustration of a compass, four curved lines between the straight lines that if they were to join together would form a circle, and a total of eight slightly S-shaped lines, two above each curved line, almost as if they were making a face in each section. The same symbol was also present on the filly’s flank as her cutie mark. The main part of the symbol was gold while the lines were colored topaz orange, but on the amulet, the lines appeared to actually be made of topaz! As the trio looked on, the filly raised her head and opened her eyes, revealing them to be beautiful, Caribbean-blue insect-like eyes that appeared to emit a glow where pupils would normally be, but where the glow originated was where her “pupils” were.

(1) 'Dimensional Tides': Mothra (filly) by SparklerofEquestria

    The filly glanced up and down, then she turned her head to the left and her line of sight met the trio’s. The filly’s eyes widened just barely, as well as the trio’s. Then the filly spoke with  a soft voice:


© 2016 - 2021 SparklerofEquestria
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Saw your link in Tarbtano's livestream earlier.
Interesting start to the story. It moved along somewhat quickly, but as an opener that's not uncommon.

My only real criticism here is how you structured the dialog. When I first started writing, I used a Name: "dialog." type of format, which I had to break myself of eventually. It was a pain in the neck at first, but it will make your writing better, and force you to add more dimensions to the characters. So I would say try to break away from this (Name) device. If it helps, you can read regular book to see how better authors than you or I do it.

Other than that, your premise is intriguing, and the ponyfied Mothra larvae is surprisingly cute.
SparklerofEquestria's avatar
Thank you. About the dialogue, if I decide to put it up on FiMFiction (which is a possibility), the dialogue will be colored (DA ain't having that apparently), because the whole, "they said, said X," gets kinda old after awhile, in my opinion. But thank you for the feedback. I'm still a beginner at writing, so I'm working on my writing.
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And on a side note, the Mothra filly image is an old one, will update it when I get one up (it's there in the meantime so readers can see what she looks like).
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No rush, its real cute.
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