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Sailor Fuku Cosplay Tutorial

By SparklePipsi
At last, I finished my Sailor Fuku tutorial! My Sailor Moon costumes get the most questions by far, and I've been meaning to put together this tutorial foreverrrrr to answer everyone's questions ~ I hope it helps out a few aspiring senshi cosplayers out there <3!

This is my first tutorial, but if it goes over well I might put together more so let me know if there's anything else you'd like to see from me!

Click download to view the complete tutorial in pdf form, or you can download it directly from my website.

I hope you enjoy, feel free to comment or message me with further questions!

Edit: I noticed the new PDF reader on DA is a little wonky ... I did update the fonts in the pdf so they look a little nicer than they did before, but this pdf looks best if you download it and read it in adobe reader/acrobat. | facebook
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Namine24's avatar
I'm going to make my Super Sailor Venus costume and I think the Sailor Moon Pattern and the Figure Skating pattern would work for it 
RainyMeadows's avatar
The link to the pattern seems to no longer be available. Is there any alternative available online?
LostCause26's avatar
...Annoyingly I don't think you can get that base pattern in this country. =(
xShunShin's avatar
Anyone can do it!
emoebaa's avatar
How long does it usually take to make? I want to do it for an upcoming con, but I'm already doing Mami Tomoe, so I'm not sure.
ELancer92's avatar
I made a Sailor Mars costume with this tutorial not too long ago and loved it! However, I did have trouble with the breast plate. I wanted to make it nice and fitted but it ended up being too tight. I added more fabric to the back but then it was too loose so I ended up pinning it in the back. :P I'm still kind of new to sewing. Any suggestions? :)
Rainologic's avatar
How much fabric did you use for the Hip roll?
Lomise's avatar
If only I had found this sooner D: I have all ready made so many things on my costume but this was so much better than what I did. Oh well! It will still help me out with the skirt at least ^^
lawlilove's avatar
Thank you so so much for this tutorial! I would've been so lost without it so thank you thank you!
Mew-Suika-Chi's avatar
Thank you so much for providing this amazing tutorial!! It has been invaluable in helping me get started with my Sailor Mars cosplay. 

I just had a question, and this is mostly for my own curiosity. When pleating the skirt, why do the pleats need to be different lengths at the top and bottom? Is there a specific reason they are not just straight pleats? Again, thank you so much for taking the time to do this!!
joyhua's avatar
I know this is waayy late to reply on, but I am also working on my Sailor Mars atm and wondered the same thing, so I figure I could answer this in case other people wanted to know, since you've probably already finished yours by now haha.

I believe the pleats being diagonal helps it flare out at the bottom more. The parts you pinch together at the top are the 3" ones while it only pinches 2" ones at the bottom, so it shrinks the waist and leaves more room on the bottom. Hope that helps!
xKaiBu's avatar
How did you attach the clear plastic ornament to the bow? 
Like.. if you paint the inside, what would you use for backing?
SkyeAnnabellaLeeRay's avatar
For the backing, you could use a glue on pin-backing for it! Just make sure to put it near the top, and not the middle. Putting the pin-backing in the middle makes the brooch drag down and makes the bow droop down. 
Senko-the-magician's avatar
This tutorial is amazing.  I did notice you said you put snaps into the crotch of the bodysuit.  I'm assuming that means this is an over the head outfit?  I know the pattern says to seam it up but with the addition of the skirt and making the back of the neck higher I guess it might not pull over the hips quite so easily.  I just wanted to clarify before I made a mistake.
SkyeAnnabellaLeeRay's avatar
Yes, that's what they meant. An alternative would be sewing it, and putting a zipper in the back. :0
kaylathehedgehog's avatar
This is pretty spiffy!
I'm so happy I found this tutorial! :)
AshleyNara's avatar
Did you hand sew it or use a sewing machine?
Fandoms-and-Manga's avatar
This tutorial is amazing. I'm using it for my Sailor Jupiter cosplay. Thank you so much! But I still have a few questions,

By how many inches did you alter the top pattern?

And how far in did you go exactly for the collar?

Again thank you so much. I have been wanting to cosplay for a long time and this tutorial is a lifesaver.
PrincessBunnychan's avatar
I want to thank you for posting this tutorial. I used it it last year to make pieces for my Sailor America costume and now I'll be using it again for a burlesque Sailor Jupiter costume. I recommended this tutorial to several of my friends and they LOVE how easy it is to follow!
RaindropCosplay's avatar
This was so helpful when I made my first Sailor Pluto cosplay! Thank you so much for making this!  I'm going to end up redoing it now that I have learned a lot more and am more confident in my skills haha but I did have a couple questions regarding the skirt.  I wanted to ask what exactly a "Pocket-Styled hem" is and if you have a tutorial you suggest.  Does this type of hem have anything to do with lining? I don't see when exactly you add in the lining and flip it if that is the way you do it :)

I look forward to more tutorials that you come out with in the future!
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