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Drill Curl Tutorial

By SparklePipsi
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Yay, I put together a new tutorial o/! This is another thing I get asked about a lot, DEM DRILL CURLS!! I originally got the inspiration for this method from a japanese cosplay blog, but all the instructions are in japanese so when I refer people to it there still tends to be a lot of confusion... =w=;; I also modified the method a bit to work for a parted ponytail wig + larger curls, so the process is a little bit different ~ also, this one is written in english. Yay!

Cheers to all you aspiring Mami / misc drill curled divas out there, I hope this helps!! Feel free to comment below or message me if you have further questions :D

Edit: I noticed the new PDF reader on DA is a little wonky ... I did update the fonts in the pdf so they look a little nicer than they did before, but this pdf looks best if you download it and read it in adobe reader/acrobat. | facebook
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This is a really really good idea. I've been looking for ideas on how to do gravity-defying chinese hair loops!
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So, I'm a real klutz and I screwed up a lot. So, it got messy. I decided to soak it in fabric softener overnight, but I'm not sure if that's going to work. I've manged to get off a lot of the caulk, but I feel like it's far this the case or do you have any suggestions on how I can fix this. 
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This is genius! I want to do a cosplay with this style hair JUST to try this! :D
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I'm going to use this for mi next wig of mami 
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Hello! So for next May, my cosplay group is doing a PMMM group, and I'm being Charlotte.. or "Bebe" from Rebellion (but in plushy form, not human) and many cosplayers just wear a wig with curly pigtails but I'd like to maintain that kinda... triangular shape she has on her twin tails. I was wondering if I could use this method, but bend the strips of tape over on top of themselves, to make a kinda teardrop shape, and then glue them to the wig and loosely (well, more loosely than you would with drills) adhere the wig hair to the structure and create that kinda... tornado-ish shape. Like this:……
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I'm totally going to use this for my mami cosplay~
Thank you!
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hihi, i love the idea behind this so much, i was just wondering. Clestia Ludenbergs curls are cliped on,so her hair is loose,so when making the wig how would you attach the ponytails securely onto the wig base without having to include part of the wig hair? thank you xx
~ Plank 
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I've seen some Celestia cosplayers use screws drilled into headbands for her drills! The headband would be hidden by her white lace headpiece (not sure of the word for it atm) and the large drills. Just be careful if you drill into a headband so you don't snap/crack/break it! :D
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Hi!!! Just wanted to let you know that I used this tutorial for my Catherine wig :love:… it was very helpful, thank you!!!
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Do you leave the tape on or remove it? If so how?
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You leave the tape in  ~ the tape is the base structure for the curl! 
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Hi!  Thank you so much for this tutorial!  I've been studying it like crazy, and plan to use it to style my Vivaldi wig (from Heart no Kuni no Alice).  I ended up purchasing a short base wig and another wig I could cut up to make the actual curls.  Would you recommend styling the curls first and then attaching them to the base wig via hot glue or still attaching the tab to the base prior to adding the hair?
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For this case, I'd recommend covering the curls with hair before attaching them to the base ~ since she has so many curls, that would probably be easier to deal with! Good luck with your wig, Vivaldi has some crazy curls!! *__*
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It's such a perfect tutorial ! I'm working on MAIKA and it works perfectly (maybe I added to much fibers haha) ! Thank you ! I'll show you when I will finish it !
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I might try this tutorial for Clestia Ludenberg, was just wondering if you knew if it would work, Clestia has LONG drils placed from the top of her head, while Mami's are short and positioned at the bottom, but I dont wanna spend loads of money on this for it to go completely wrong, so using your mami wig would you be able to make a guess on weather or not it would work? 
~ Plank
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I just wanted to say thank you for such a helpful tutorial!  I used this to style my Sailor Iron Mouse wig for Ichibancon and it worked like a charm!  Here's a pic if you'd like to see the result-…

Thanks again! ^^
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Ahhh yay it turned out awesome!! And you're so cute as Iron Mouse, I love it *__*! Thanks for sharing! <3
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Thank you so much! ^v^
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I'm thinking of cosplaying Nui Harime from Kill la Kill (I'm mobile or I would provide a reference image) whose style is a little crazy even for drills. Basically, it flares out like a really massive regular pigtail, then goes into the drill style about a quarter of the way down, getting progressively smaller. I was thinking of using your method but making a triangle shape out of the tape instead of just strips, do you think this is feasible?
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Ahhh yes, I know what you're talking about ... that hairstyle is insane!! In theory it sounds like that would work, but I think the best way to try it would be to build a mockup. Basically just build the base shape you'd want using just the tape and wire to see how if/how it would work before you get to the messy (and expensive if you mess up) part of actually gluing hair and wigs..! It'll probably take a bit of experimenting, but that way you can try several different shapes to see what works best!! Good luck <3
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Hi, I'm planning on cosplaying Celestia Ludenberg (Here's a picture of her if you don't know who she is… ) and I'm wondering what kind of base wig you would recommend?
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Ugh, it broke my link when I put it in parenthesis ^^;; Here's the Leia link again:
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I think the Leia from Arda would work well (, though you'll want to also buy extra extensions because her curls are looooooong and you'll definitely need the extra hair!!
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About how long would this take? and how would you reccomend going about for someone who has never styled a wig before?
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