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See, if the Cutie Mark Crusaders had asked Granny Smith for help, everything would have been resolved in a much more timely manner. Also, with slightly less violence.

Spoiler: You can't actually win no matter how much you slap her. This is not because I'm too lazy to get more assets and code in remorse and victory, but because slapping children doesn't actually solve any problems. See, this game makes a social statement. It's an art game, whoa! So yeah, don't actually slap your children.

Oh, height is measured in SM or Scootameter, which is defined here: [link]


And here's the third game in the Season 3 minigame series! I started the game on Friday after seeing the song spoiler preview thing, so I didn't actually know how the show would go when I made most of the game. Lots of planned features weren't able to make it into the game. For example, Babs was going to say things when you smacked her, but since I couldn't find a copy of the episode with separate audio channels I couldn't grab the assets to toss in. Also, I was going to have a Blueblood Mode for those of you who wanted to smack Blueblood around, but there aren't very many vectors of him around so that didn't work out either. Maybe I'll update the game and release version 2 at some point, but don't count on it.


If you like my work, consider buying some buttons or other random things from my store! [link]
While I'm not going hungry or anything, proceeds from my store lets me bring more pony buttons to more conventions, and they also go towards supporting other artists as well as making me feel like I'm a productive member of society by making stupid pony fan games. Thanks!
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November 25, 2012
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