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Raincloud Defense 2: Moonbounce



Did you watch the new Friendship is Witchcraft short? No? Go watch it now. Here's a link: [link]

Before you ask, the music is from this awesome Japanese brony on YouTube: [link]

When I finished the new FiW short I knew I had to make this. Griffin (from Sherclop) was kind enough to provide the TwiMoon image, which was made by Dinnerjoe.

I spent like two hours making this. It's essentially Raincloud Defense 1, with some stuff changed and some stuff added. You now bounce one moon instead of infinitely many cherry bombs. Survival earns you points. Also, the game is not hopelessly difficult. The only thing preventing you from playing it forever is your own pathetic mortality.

At some point I'll continue work on Catch a Scootaloo 2. Until then you get stupid things like this.

Enjoy! (PS: You need over 500 points to unlock the final score message. And it's all random so you may not get it immediately.)
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