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Press Space to SweetieScoot




I need your help making a sequel to this game! [link]

Also for those of you who want to see Sweetie Belle scooting to Brodyquest here's a video I didn't make: [link]



What the game says. Press the spacebar to Sweetie-Scoot.

This game has no secrets whatsoever. None. But if there were secrets the comments would spoil them. Yet there are no secrets whatsoever. Eeyup. [](/ajlie)


Sweetie Belle vector in the preview was made by MoongazePonies: [link]
Sweetie Scoot animation was made by CrunchNugget: [link]
8-bit Hush Now Quiet Now was made by RainbowCrash88: [link]


Um anyway thanks to everypony who upvoted/favorited/played/whatevered my previous Scootaloo game! I got inspired by a Sweetie Scoot animation and so decided to make this last night. I definitely spent waaaaay more time on this than I should have, but it was fun! I hope you enjoy!

Oh and there are no secrets in this game. None. Don't bother trying to find them or anything. The fact that I added a mature content warning on this submission is purely an error. Eeyup.
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oh. my. gosh. that hitler thing made me creep out.

I love this.