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Pinkie Pie Population Perforation Project



There are too many Pinkie Pies! Send them back to the lake from which they came with magical lasers of magic!

Move Twilight with your mouse and shoot by clicking. Beware, any Pinkie clones you miss will double after every shot, and you'll lose if more than 150 Pinkie clones are on screen! Oh and do try to avoid murdering the original Pinkie Pie. When *Sibsy appears shoot her to cause a rage explosion that will destroy a batch of Pinkie clones!

There are 9 levels total. Have fun! Art and music credits are in the about page.


By popular request: here's the same game but with all level and clone restrictions taken off. It's untested, unsupported, unwinable and it will crash your browser or even computer at some point. I'm not responsible for anything that happens. Play at your own risk.


v1.1 (1/21/2013) Changelog
Fixed a bug where Wildfire sometimes would not appear when spawned between levels.
Removed preloader ad. Thanks to *blackfeenix for the support!
Reduced cupcake particle effects and removed gravity on cupcakes to improve framerate on slower machines.
Increased Wildfire's explosion size, decreased explosion duration for balance.
Slightly improved efficiency of collusion detection and hitboxes to improve framerate on slower machines.


This is the first (technically second) game in my Season 3 Minigames project, where I make a minigame for each episode! This one took me about five hours to make---it was hard to count because I had some Guild Wars 2 weekend event things and dinner in the middle of the process. I hope you enjoy the game!

Some fun making of notes:
> The original Pinkie is actually a duplicate of the general Pinkie object. I made the Pinkie clones first, then made a duplicate to edit into the real Pinkie.
> There was a bug where Sibsy/Wildfire's hitbox was incorrectly tied to Pinkie Pie's butt. It has been fixed.
> The site where I got the sound effects from ( was from the late 90s! I think I may have used some of the same files back when I was building things with Flash 5.


If you like my work, consider buying some buttons or other random things from my store! [link]
While I'm not going hungry or anything, proceeds from my store lets me bring more pony buttons to more conventions, and they also go towards supporting other artists as well as making me feel like I'm a productive member of society by making stupid pony fan games. I'm not putting up a donation button because I don't want to just take your money, I want to give you stuff in return. Also I kind of screwed up royally last time I tried to put up a donation button...
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