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Games Ponies Don't Play 3-in-1 Megacart



This not-retro bootleg 3-in-1 MegaCart brings you three pony games from three Equestria Games in one game thing! Live this year's Equestria Games' prep by running away from Spike as Angel Bunny! Relive last year's Equestria Games' unfortunate bank robbery incident by running away from the Law as Applejack! There's also a third game, but that's a secret. To play the secret game obtain a score of 60 seconds or above in one of the two other games!

v1.1 CHANGES: Fixed a bug where the timer didn't reset properly. Fixed an exploit where mashing buttons fast enough would cause you to run super fast. Now the speed penalty for pressing the wrong key is multiplied by the number of wrong key presses from the last five seconds.


Controls: Pres L, O, or P to run. Don't let Spike/Sheriff catch you. Be careful, you'll lose speed if you press the wrong key!

Mute: Press M to mute or unmute.


So yes, this is the game for episodes 11 and 12! Same episode from two different points of view means same game from two different points of view. Sort of. I've actually always wanted to make a Applejack-runs-on-a-train game and I'm glad I can do this. (There are some prototypes of the Applejack running game in my gallery I think.)

I hope you enjoy this game! And as usual, if you want to support my work feel free to go and buy some buttons/bottle openers or trading cards from my stores. <3
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