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Flight of the Crystal Princess



Princess Cadence needs our help, her magic will not last forever...
Fly around! Avoid Spikes! Collect Hearts! Listen to epic music! Survive until epic music is over!
Yes basically this is an excuse to have Cadence fly around while Ride of the Valkyries is playing.

The game lasts 4 minutes and 15 seconds (the play time of the song). If there is lag try turning the quality of the graphics down.

Art and music credits are in the Credits section of the game. Special special thanks to ~SpaceKitty for vectoring flying Cadence for me!


So yeah, the first (well second) game in the Season 3 project. It was released over a week late because 1) I wanted to try making it in Construct 2 (another pretty awesome toolkit) but found out I didn't like it, so I scrapped it and restarted and 2) in the middle of making the game some awesome pony released an awesome game involving Cadence being tossed off a balcony so I decided to scrap all the complex mechanic (originally it was literally a tossing game named Cadence Toss) and make a somewhat relaxing game where you just fly around while Ride of the Valkyries was playing instead.

It's got much less polish than the Pinkie Pie game (as if that's even possible) and not very much testing. Hell, it probably has less polish than the Raincloud games I made. But oh well, it's still kinda fun I hope! Enjoy the game! Off to think about the mechanics for the next episode's game now...
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