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Applejack Episode



Finally, an Applejack episode! She can now finally be the star of her own---oh no, here comes Derpy and a whole bunch of other background ponies trying to steal her spotlight! Stop them from flying through AJ's spotlight or she'll become a background pony for sure!

Click on various ponies to banish them. Don't let the black bar at the bottom of the screen disappear.
Different ponies steal attention away at different rates. While the fillies drain the attention bar slowly, Derpy and Doctor Whooves are more popular. Luna and Wildfire/*Sibsy are slow but will wreck havoc if they reach the spotlight!
The difficulty increases every time the song loops! Watch out!


Back to super simple point and click arcade games! Man I loved this episode. But that's probably because Applejack's my favorite pony. Also, the song. Anyway, this game is quite simple. My personal record is 222 seconds. Have fun! Let me know if any major bugs exist---I haven't playtested this one as much as the other games.

Oh, and in case you didn't notice, I'm opening donations! Help me make these games ad-free and downloadable and possibly mobile! See this journal for details.
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