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Raku Turtle Shell clockbase

my first ever raku piece :dummy:!!!! I'm so happy with how the colors came out :iconlaplz:
[I just wish it didn't have that little spot in the middle by the hole...]
I counted out and made both rings with 12 sections for easier use as a clock

completely hand made my me
stonewear clay, raku glaze
final fired on june 25

photo taken by Ron L. in my ceramic - raku class [he's really cool]
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COOL!  I really like the paint job you did with this.  It has that vibe of "authentic...from the sea...aquatic"?  I'm not sure the word I'm looking for but it feels like the ocean regardless.  Silly question but you only did a/the design on this side...right?
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yup, only one side has been carved/formed glazed :3
The studio no longer has the glaze recipe, so I'll be lucky if I get to use it again ;-;
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Did you ever get the mechanism in?  I'd be curious to see it as a fully functioning clock.  Granted I'd be fascinated seeing a turtle shell used as anything (maybe it's that old Flintstones vibe getting to me) But I'm genuinely curious what became of it.
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the clock movement was a little too big for the curve of the piece, so I either have to grind some of it away [in the back] or find a smaller movement;;  next summer I want to make a better version :dummy:
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When you say, "a little too big" does that mean the hands were too heavy for the base to handle, or that were it to clock normal time, we'd literally be skipping hours to the point that it would 6 in the afternoon when it was 3 in the morning...or something else.  I have fun visualizing it in like one of those horror movies, but in reality, I'm not sure that's the problem at hand.
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The clock movement [thing that holds batteries and working bits] is a small rectangle of plastic with a wall hook formed right in
well, the base I made isn't flat, and the inside of the curve doesn't leave enough room for the corners of the movement. Unless I can lengthen the steam of the clock hands, which determines how far away the body of the movement is from the clock face, I'll need to find something smaller.

my apologies, I'm not very good with words;;
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It's fine.  I've found techno-babble is the most fun when spoken, and considering I'm on a project that is mostly filled with it, it's hard sometimes.  You did a good job explaining the issue.  I can't help you with it, but having worked with clocks for fun, they can be a real pain in the neck sometimes so I SOMEWHAT "get it".  

Additionally I'm still curious what happened with it.  I'd hate to think it's sitting in the corner sad and unloved.  SNIFF
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It's on a table by the door, waiting for the chance to have moving pieces
I look at it every day♥
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This is really beautiful, makes me want to try that technique. I dont know anything about it :)
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thank you so much!!

It's used for Stonewear and other mud-clays as a coloring method. It's done in a pit or small outdoor low-fire kiln, there are special glazes made for it, but you can use it on naked bisque wear as well with carbon based things [horse hair, feathers, or paper] to stain it black with smoke too.
The glaze I used was called Veridian Green. Sadly the studio at my college is discontinuing the color because they lost the recipe for it

if you ever get the chance to use mud-clays and find you like it, I highly recommend trying Raku techniques
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Awesome sculpture
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thank you so much! :dummy:
I have a few more pieces on the way for next week
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