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A fic in response to this picture… drawn by Ultra Baguette

It had been far too long since Mando had Tavish in his workshop and, more importantly, in his arms. The Demoman began to call out a greeting to the Engineer, but the words were cut off when Armando seized the front of the Scot's shirt and pulled him down for a soul-searing kiss on the lips. When he moved to break the kiss with his lover for a gasp of air, Mando found himself being crushed to the Demo's broad chest. Teeth tugged at his bottom lip as his hands moved on their own to remove the heavy grenade vest between their bodies.

Tavish's heart was pounding against his rib cage as he slammed the shorter man back against the wall. Without the grenade vest, he could practically feel Armando's heart beating against his as he claimed the Latino's lips again. Even so, it still wasn't enough. Broad, dark fingers fumbled at the Engineer's overalls straps, tearing off one of the buttons in the process. Mando didn't seem to care; his hands were too busy groping the enemy Demoman's ass through his trousers. As his overalls fell around his ankles, he kicked them and his boots off in frustration, not knowing or caring where they landed. It was just one less thing between him and his granadero negro.

Before he could get to work tearing off Tavish's pants to get at what was hidden underneath, the Engineer found himself being led along the wall towards his worktable. An almighty clattering sound filled the room as tools and parts were swept onto the floor by an impatient swipe of the Demo's arm. His boxers joined his pants somewhere on the floor as he was roughly lifted onto the wooden table. The rough surface was worn smooth by years of hard work, a fact Mando was grateful for as his bare ass scraped across the surface. Or, he would have been grateful for it if his mind wasn't fully occupied by the warm tongue invading his mouth between possessive nips of his lips by Tavish's beautiful teeth. Nails raked down the Engineer's back, rasping over the fabric of his shirt before tearing at the sensitive skin of his rear. He let out a gasp at the sudden, but welcome, assault, a sound that was quickly cut off by the Demo's kiss.

With his good eye cracked open, Tavish scanned the top of his lover's table for anything within reach that he could use in place of the lubricant he hadn't thought to bring. Somehow, a small tub of petroleum jelly had survived the Demo's "clean-up". It wasn't ideal, but it would do for now. He reached for it, just barely hooking the lid with his fingertips well enough to grab it. Pushing Mando back until he was nearly flat on the table, he pushed his legs apart and moved between them. One broad thumb flipped the cap off of the Vaseline jar as the other hand gently fondled the modest erection already prodding insistently at his lower abs. Greasing up his fingers liberally, he coaxed the Engineer closer to the edge of the table before easing a finger into his tight pucker, a second following soon after.

Even with just the Demoman's fingers inside of him, it wasn't long before the Latino's back was arched on the table, muffled cries for more escaping him despite the tongue tangling aggressively with his. Tavish had gotten much better at finding that sweet spot inside of him that sent shivers up his spine and turned his legs to water. Too soon, those fingers were gone. The Scot, however, was only lowering his own trousers, freeing his own aching member from its confines. He looked down lovingly at the Engie, scanning the flushed skin already glowing with a light sheen of perspiration, his panting lips scraped raw in places by the Scot's own teeth, his needy eyes piercing Tavish's own.

Holding the Engineer's gaze, he guided his cock to his tight entrance, slamming it home with a powerful thrust. The way Mando grabbed his shoulders, nails digging into his skin even through his thick turtleneck as he cried out in pain and pleasure loud enough to shake the heavens, let the Demoman know he'd done it right. Pressing a much more tender kiss to Mando's lips, Tavish began to move inside him, picking a pace that drove the Engineer crazy while letting him draw out the act as long as he could.

The two men were so absorbed in each other and the passion of their love that they didn't notice Mando's roommate come in. Nor did they notice him quickly backing out with a look of horror on his face as he fled to find industrial bleach strong enough to scrub the memory of the Demo's naked ass from his brain. His howls did add the perfect counterpoint to their passionate rendition of Coitus in B minor.


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