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Published: August 11, 2015
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Name: Razzly Autumn

Nickname(s): Raz, Razzels

Gender: Female

Age: 4 Years (Information Re-created 2015)

Height: 5’7

Nationality: English (Hails from Romania)

Orientation: Bi-Sexual (Dominate toward females, submission toward males)

Family: Missing; Razzly has been alone all her life until now, as far as she can remember.

Mate: None







Controlled by Boredom

Pleasures: Enjoys exploring something that is unknown to her. Howling on a night where her breath freezes as it sings to the moon above; sun bathing, a nice game of tag/chase, dreaming of the ocean- of which she’s never seen.

Temperaments: Hunters, those who think they are better just because they are bigger and stronger; unkind alphas- wolves that kill their own kind and being called a dog, mutt, or outcast.

Disorder: At times she is hard of hearing in her left ear. Also has ADHD when bored or feeling lazy.

Traits: Can run for days on end- as long as she’s been well fed. Can see through thick storms, including hail, snow, rain, frost, and heavy fog.

Phobias: Scared of drowning, even though she is a great swimmer- high fear of bears.

Scent: Cedarwood and pine, fresh berries, as well as the faint scent of Fall.

Diet: Mainly berries and fish- dislikes hunting the creatures that already have enough trouble living; but if it comes down to her starving to death she’ll make an exception.

Rank: Gamma (Aeternae! Pack)

Pack Members:

Shadow (Alphess)

Ingis (Alpha)

History: Razzly was born in Transylvania, however, during troubled times, as a young pup, she was forced to move around a lot and eventually that landed her in the United States. Here, she grew up, but never gave up on her heritage. Though she doesn’t remember much, if anything at all over her puppyhood, Razzly does her best to hang on to her Romanian ties.

However, Razzly has always felt alone, and has been move around from place to place for some time now. Until finally she came across a newly formed pack known as Aeternae, lead by a mated alpha pair; Shadow and Ingis. Here, Razzly began to feel at home for once in a long time, and enjoys helping around when and where ever she can; as well as however too!

Voice: Anna from Van Helsing.



Hippo Stuffed Animal

When the time comes for sleep, whether a nightly rest or a wonderful nap; Razzly is almost never seen without her Hippo plushie known as Bert! The funny part, when squeezed or pressure is put on the stuffed animal’s stomach, he lets out a fart noise; something that makes him unique and enjoyable!

Moonstone Necklace

Something that Razzly has had since she was a pup, is a Moonstone Necklace that she has been told belonged to her mother, it was a gift to her mother from her father when they first became mates. Now, it is the only thing left the Razzly has of her family. The stone is in the shape of a small egg, bound with copper wiring and on a leather belt that she has bound around the base of her tail.

Leather Harness

Upon Razzly’s chest, she wears a leather harness, she uses this harness to tie other items to and carry her Bert the farting Hippo with. It is also an awesome fashion statement, in her eyes!

Bert the Farting Hippo from NCIS :heart:
BG: Premade BK Stock 248  
Fencing: BARDA PNG By DenysRoqueDesign 
Puppy Line Art: Sticker Wolves Lineart
Razzly Design Adopted from: 20 points each [4 left] by Captain-Speck

Art & Razzly (c) Sparkanine
Shadow & Aeternael Pack (c) ShadowWolfCelica
Ingis (c) DustyCrophopper86
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Oh my gosh that's adorable >.< I love to see people use the adoptables I make!
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:D :heart: Hehe.. x3 She is well loved!
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ShadowMagpieHobbyist Digital Artist
She's pretty!!! I love her!!!! :D WELCOME TO AETERNAE
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:D !! Eeee Glad to be here!!! :heart:
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