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TRD: Regulus by Sparaze TRD: Regulus by Sparaze
Someone saaaave meeee

Last Edit: 05/11/16

General Info

Name: Regulus
   - Latin name meaning "ruler."
Nicknames: Reggie, Ray

Gender: Male


Starting: Newborn- Birthdate: May 19th 45 B.C.
Current: Newborn (As of 05/19/16)

Rank: Tribune

Species: 50% Jaguar, 25% Amur Leopard, 25% Puma

Physical Description: Regulus is not exactly the largest young feline. Though now he still holds a slight chub being as young as he is, as he grows he will likely lean out a good deal to a somewhat small and slim build. He is not the strongest physically but is far from unfit and is visually full of energy. Though his fur is overall considered short, his cheeks are somewhat fluffy and appear a litlte longer than the rest of his pelt.  He has a dark golden-colored base coat with more reddish-brown markings, a pale underbelly and a light creamy back. He has various spots, smaller single colored spots and larger dual-colored rosettes like his mother. He has a dark colored nose/ pawpads and lime colored eyes from his father.

Armor: Too smol.


Dominant: Ear spots [AA], Tri-colored pelt [AA], Bi-colored rosettes [Aa], Green eyes [Aa], Short fur [Aa]

Recessive: Dark nose [aa], Single colored spots [aa], Chin stripe [aa]

Carrier: Purple eyes [Aa], White underbelly [aa], Dark tail-tip [Aa]



[ Confident/Poised, Fast Learning/Astute, Argumentative/ Debating, Calculating/Scheming, Deffensive, Apprehensive/Paranoid ]

Bullet; Green Confident/Poised Bullet; Green
Regulus tends to hold himself in very high regard. Having both of his parents be in charge of the Bounty Hunters has led him to believe he is certainly destined for great things one way or another. He is not afraid to try something new or jump into an unfamiliar situation so long as it seems logical to him. He does his best to keep his head held high and permeate a proud and calm demeanor at all possible times. 

Bullet; Green Fast Learning/Astute Bullet; Green
Most of the time, Regulus is quite the fast learner. He tends to pick up on things fairly quickly and when he truly puts his mind to learning a new skill or subject, he is very likely to at least make good progress in a short amount of time. He can be considered quite clever, and may catch on pretty fast if something feel misplaced or wrong. He is decently perceptive and is likely to notice when someone he is close to seems distressed or upset. He may try his best to help in any situation he can, but may not always have the exact right words.

Bullet; Yellow Argumentative/ Debating Bullet; Yellow
He is truly an independent thinker to the core. Regulus does not take everything he hears immediately to heart as some young cubs might. He often desires proof or further explanation to an idea before he will put any real faith into it. Of course, though in his young age he still trusts most everything his parents tell him, believing that as important as they are surely they know just about everyhting one could! This doesn't mean however he won't still try to push their buttons or argue with them from time to time. In his more clever moments as he grows, Regulus may even attempt to swing his arguments and questions in a way that would benefit his own point of view or case, even if he is aware he might be incorrect.

Bullet; Yellow Calculating/Scheming Bullet; Yellow
This little ball of fur is not completely unknown to get into some trouble from time-to-time. He loves to come up with little plans of various natures that he can potentially use to have fun messing with someone older than him or someone he dislikes. This may infact lead to a small prank now and then as he might find it hillarious to cause others what he consideres harmless discomfort, He is tactical and is good at devising plans. 

Bullet; Yellow Deffensive Bullet; Yellow
Regulus does not take kindly to anyone treating him or his family with any sort of scorn or negative attitude.  He will stand up for himself any anyone he sees as family or a friend without hesitation. In many cases he does also not take super well to harsh criticism, and will become deffensive if he feels personally attacked. It is also not unlikely for him to get extremely deffensive over any harm inflicted on the Hunters as a whole. Regulus considers all of those around him some form of family and has great respect for those in the faction he was born into. He would remain loyal to them in his best efforts and grow aggressive if anyone accused him of anything different.

 Bullet; Red Apprehensive/Paranoid Bullet; Red
Despite his confidence and clever tactics, the young hybrid often still has his moments where he is less than coragous. Though he doesn't like to immediately believe a lot of the silly sounding things he hears, it can be quite easy to spook him. He is not typically the one to enjoy a scary or unpleasant story and will grow preogressibly more nervous the more a firghtening subject carries on. He may try to pretend these sorts of things do not get to him, but he may often be on edge and looking out for something nasty he heard about from a peer. 

Bullet; Red Poutful Bullet; Red
He can be a bit of a baby when he doesn't get his way. If there is something that he really wants to thinks strongly about and he is not able to properly take advantage of it he may grow extra displeased, seeming cold and uncooperative. Some may consider him to be a litlte ungrateful at times as he becomes pouty and throws minor temper tantrums in these situations. This is certainly something that he would grow out of at least somewhat as he grows.


Being born to a pair of cats in charge of the Roman Bounty Hunters, from early on Regulus always felt like he had a special role to play as well. From the moment he could understand even the smallest things, the young cub looked up to his parents a great deal, seeing the both of them as shining figures in his eyes. He longed to be able to follow in their pawsteps and become just as important to the city one day himself. Of course his pride led him in some ways to beleive this was inevitable... He would follow both of his parents around and observe their attitudes and actions as much as possible, doing what he could to immitate them and act how in his young age he believed a good leader should. Surely he still had a long way to go, but his intentions were pure, and the young tribune certainly did have potential.

Facts/ Extra



To chase small critters
-The color orange


-Extremely high places
-Being punished or insulted


Current Mentor: Not yeeet

Cub assignments:

Bullet; Green Have your tribune tour the coliseum/watch a coliseum fight for the first time. 
Bullet; Yellow Have your tribune meet another Bounty Hunter for the first time.
Bullet; Orange Have your tribune watch a Bounty Hunter training session.


Tactics - 9/10
Endurance - 7/10
Speed - 6/10
Strength - 2/10
Defense - 5/10
Attack - 4/10

Family and Relations

v (Edit links in later not working atm)

Mother: Jax - ALIVE (Roman BH)
Father: Benedictus - ALIVE (Roman BH)
Brother: Tulio Tertius - ALIVE (Roman BH)
Brother: Barnabas ALIVE (Roman BH)


Maternal Uncle: Torsten - ALIVE (Ferox)
Maternal Aunt: Caelina - ???

Paternal Grandfather: Insanis - ???
Paternal Half-Uncle: Laertes - ALIVE (Stone Empire)
Paternal Half-Aunt: Tatiana - ALIVE (Roman BH)
Paternal Half-Aunt: Oceanus - ALIVE (Roman BH)

Mate: wat

Cubs: ya nasty


Bullet; WhiteBullet; White Uncertain
Bullet; White Neutral 
Bullet; Blue Acquaintance
Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue Friend
Bullet; Green Close Friend
Bullet; GreenBullet; Green Best Friend
Bullet; Yellow Attraction
Bullet; YellowBullet; Yellow Crush
Bullet; Pink Platonic Love
Bullet; PinkBullet; Pink Romantic Love
Bullet; Red Dislike
Bullet; RedBullet; Red Hatred
Bullet; Orange Suspicious
Bullet; OrangeBullet; Orange Broken Bond 
Bullet; Black Jealous
Bullet; BlackBullet; Black Missing
Bullet; Purple Respect
Bullet; PurpleBullet; Purple Admiration
Heart Heart Mate
Heart Family
Star! Current Apprentice
Half Star Past Apprentice
Death Dead

Bullet; YellowRoman Bounty HuntersBullet; Yellow





RP Example

(Taken from The-Rat-Packs RP)

Opportunities such as the one present only happened every so often, and Beatrix had full intentions of taking advantage of it. She had been sitting at the bottom of the hill for no more than a few moments, watching the humans' animated movements from what felt like a safe distance for the time being. Like many others, she as well had never seen anything like the carnival before. The bright lights and overflowing amounts of activity both intrigued and intimidated her in perspective, leaving a mixed chill to slip down her spine. She was excited about the opportunities and enjoyment that may come from the venue of course, but she was also wary of the numerous dangers it presented.

The blue-furred murid's whiskers twitched, presenting the only display of movement out of her as her copper-orange eyes shone examining the scene. However, just as her thoughts began to drift to a potential tactic, she was abruptly taken to other matters by a body rolling straight into her and knocking her face-first into the dirt. Her immediate reaction was to produce a startled squeak her previous thoughts of danger heightening her sharp sudden spike of adrenaline. As quickly as she could, Beatrix bolted back onto her feet, whipping her head up to search for what exactly had hit her.

As soon as she spotted it however, her apparent terror quickly faded into a frazzled irritation. Another—male— had been the perpetrator of the sudden knock down. Being half scared to death by a stranger was certainly a wonderful way to truly start off the night. Despite her obvious reaction to the event, she tried her best to settle her nerves in the slightest before confronting the other. "What was all that about? She huffed, her tone betraying her attempt to lighten it.

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kit-kaboodie Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hey!! are you up for rp/plots for this little guy?? my tribune kitty would love to meet him :")
Sparaze Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Im real slow with rping right now (at least until im done with classes in another week) but I'm always open to talk about things and come up with stuff! 8D
kit-kaboodie Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cool! I was thinking (since my tribune is deaf) he could try teaching regulls sign language?? And maybe he would see it as a challenge
And once my tribune (florence) got to know him he could see that not all older cats are godlike beings or smth like that and that they're just people ig??
Sparaze Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Ooh that sounds like a neat idea! I like it!
Nythero Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2016  Student Digital Artist
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