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TNC: Waspsting by Sparaze TNC: Waspsting by Sparaze
Deputy try-out for IvyClan

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|| I D E N T I T Y ||

Name; Waspsting
    Prefix; Wasp- Given for her golden-colored coat with dark tabby stripes
    Suffix; Sting- Names for her bitter attitude and sharp tongue
Name History; Waspkit, Wasppaw, Waspsting
Nickname(s): N/A

Belief in StarClan; Strongly believes in StarClan and desires to do her best in their eyes. However, she believes that exceptions to the code can be made in various situations.

Age; 40 moons (As of 9/11/15)
Sex; Female

Clan; IvyClan
Rank; Deputy

Scent; Mostly a grassy smell with a faint bit of soil.
VoiceGenocider Syo

|| A P P E A R A N C E ||

General Appearance; A dark golden tabby she-cat with dark stripes and deep copper colored eyes. She is of fairly average size. 

Breed; Unknown/ mutt
Fur Length; Medium/long
Build; Average height and basic build, she can easily be mistaken for much a much bulkier cat due to her fluffy coat and high-held posture.
Pelt Texture; Thick and fluffy, often appearing spiky when lightly wet.
Pawpads and nose; Black
Eyes; Dark copper

Weight; 8 pounds
Height; 9.2 inches 

Injuries/Disabilities/Scars; N/A

|| P E R S O N A L I T Y ||

Theme song(s);

Bullet; Green Alturistic Bullet; Green
"It's alright, I'll manage. Give it to someone who needs it more."
She always wants to make sure those in her clan and safe and doing well before herself. She may have her snappy moments and apparent self-centeredness, but truly she is loyal to her clan above all else. She would very willingly go hungry or sick in favor of others, and keep fighting to take care of the clan even in her weakest moments.

:bulletgreen: Scheming :bulletgreen:
"Alright, this is what we're going to do..."
Waspsting is quite skilled at coming up with ideas and finding alternate and effective solutions to a problem. She may have a firey temper, but understand when it may be better to use force and when it may be better to use words. If one plan fails she will almost always be able to come up with some alternative idea that will hopefully get her and her clan out of sticky situations.

:bulletgreen: Sincere :bulletgreen:
"The news is not the best, but I will deliver it to you regardless."
This she-cat is not the type to keep secrets that are important or sugar-coat touchy information. She believes that all cats involved in an issue— unless for the better of the clan as a whole— should be told the truth. Of course she is not going to be upfront and honest with every stranger she meets, but if she makes a threat or a promise, you can guarantee she is going to keep it. Once you are someone she trusts, she is very unlikely to hide information.

Bullet; Yellow Risk-taker Bullet; Yellow
"I think it's certainly worth a shot."
If there is a favorable outcome in sight, Waspsting is not skittish or unwilling to take a risk. Of course she considers all of her actions involving others as carefully as possible, but believes you can't get anywhere without being a little bold every now and then. Of course she would be much more willing to take a risk with simply herself than just her clan-mates.

:bulletyellow: Vigorous/ Militant :bulletyellow:
"Do exactly as I say and don't step a paw out of line."
She can come on quite strong and aggressive at times, attempting to make sure specific plans and tactics go exactly as planned. She is not a fan of other cats trying to become creative when it comes to a direct order. However, she is very good at keeping things organized and well-maintained. If she has a task to get something done, it will certainly be done efficiently and effectively.

Bullet; Red Hot-Headed Bullet; Red
"How dare you! I'll rip you to shreds you worthless pile of foxdung!"
Waspsting has a rather short fuse when it comes to many things. She does not tolerate disrespect and foul behavior. Of course when the situation demands it she will do her absolute best to keep her cool, but its fairly easy to get her rilled up. She may get lost in her anger at times, but usually despite her rage and ruffled fur, she will still refrain from making brash and irrational decisions

:bulletred: Waspish (haha) :bulletred:
"Yes, you're bothering me, please leave before I make you."
She's pretty grouchy most days, and certainly doesn't hesitate to display her annoyance. If you're bugging her or making her angry she will certainly let you know. She of course will do her best to keep this, along with her anger, at bay when an important situation calls for it. Usually she is rather decent at keeping a decent cool when necessary, but of coure that doesn't mean she is perfectly calm and collected whenever she wants to be. It's still pretty easy to push her buttons if you know to.

:bulletred: Spiteful :bulletred:
"I promise I'll make you pay..."
If you've ever wronged her or those she cares about she will not very easily forgive or forget. Especially when it comes to other clans, any conflict will certainly set her off on desiring a "revenge" strike.

|| F A M I L Y ||

Mother; Fawnstep
Father; Sharptooth

Grandmother(s); maternal Morningsky | Wildfire paternal
Grandfather(s); maternal Earthshake | Adderstrike paternal

Aunt(s); maternal N/A | N/A paternal
Uncle(s); maternal Duststorm | N/A paternal


Littermates; N/A
Other Siblings; N/A

Mate; N/A
Litter(s); N/A

|| P E R S O N A L ||

Sexual Orientation; Pansexual
Romantic Orientation; Panromantic

Status; Not at all interested in finding a mate at this time, but realizes that something could always happen

Current Mate; noone
Past Mate(s); naah

Current Attraction(s); nobody
Past Attraction(s); nope

Looking for;
(listed in priority)
         || Quick Fling
         |2| Long-Lasting Relationship
         || One night stand
         || Strictly sexual
         || Crush
         || Too young
         |1| Not interested
         || Taken 

(Note: Currently not looking for anyone, but if she did find someone she would want it to be something that would last)

✔ - Respectful and respectable
 - Inside IvyClan

✘ - Uncaring/ overly stuck up

|| H I S T O R Y ||


Waspkit was born as a single kit to her parents Fawnstep and Sharptooth. As soon as any bit of personality could be seen in the young cat, it was apparent she was going to be a fiesty little fighter. Her golden and dark striped coat, along with her attitude reminded her parents of the aggressive flying insect that gave Waspkit her name.

As she grew, she loved to play fight with other kits in the nursery and her mother and father when she could as well. She very quickly became a kit that longed desperately to finally become an apprentice and start serving her clan. Her mother of course reassured her that she would one day soon get her chance, but of course that didn't stop her from getting into trouble from time to time. She would sneak out and try to hunt, or find other animals to fight off, explore and generally do things she wasn't supposed to just yet.

Shortly before her time to become an apprentice though, Waspkit began to hear about issues in the clan and how it was functioning, and through hushed whispering and debate, that some wanted to leave.


Once she was apprenticed, the newly-named Wasppaw could not have been more thrilled. She grew to desire to work as hard as she could, now listening to everything her mentor told her in benefit of her clan and to be useful to it. Though her apprenticeship wouldn't be peaceful for too long as she had hoped. He mentor at the time, Stealthslash began to grow distracted and unenthuesed with the issues that had been surfacing in the clans over recent times. Often days she would be told that she had no training to take part in and was simply to do whatever she pleased and leave her teacher alone. Wasppaw saw issues in this herself and soon began to realize the full extent of just how badly the clans had started to fall apart.

As time went on the subject of a seperation became immediately present, and Wasppaw was faced with a decision. She could either leave and hopefully start a new and better life elsewhere or remain in the broken clan she currently resided in. She clearly stated her opinons when the time came and made the decision to leave the clan with the others who had chosen to as well, her parents being among them. She didn't desire to live in a clan that no longer respected the ways of their ancestors and fell into chaos. She only hoped that she and the others would make it to a new and better place.

The journey of course was long and difficult, and there were many times when Wasppaw began to doubt her decision to leave. Though she continued to push on, facing that choice and making the best of what she had been given. Her parents, at a point both perished in the journey, never to reach their new home.


When finally they cats arrived at a place that would become their new home, Wasppaw began to once again feel hope and joy at the prospect of their new living. The cats who remained split off into seperate groups to form their new clans. Wasppaw followed her first new leader into IvyClan, and was given the name Waspsting.

Things were rough at first, but now more than ever Waspsting was determined to help her new clan grow and thrive, and served it to the best of her ability. The clans grew strong and well, and it seemed she couldn't have been more pleased with their development and sticking to the warrior code as they believed it should be. This was truly a much better place to be, and despite all of the loss on the way, knew she made the right choice.

Waspsting spent her days doing as much extra work as she could to take care of those in the clan that needed help, making sure everyone was fed and even assisting with meanial apprentice tasks when paws were short. Her hard work and dedication caught the eyes of many in the clan, and even though she seemed to come on strong and be rather aggressive at times, those who knew her could clearly tell she had the best interest of those around her at heart.

It didn't take too long into her time as a warrior for Waspsting to gain her first apprentice to train. The young tom named Frogpaw, like she had been not so long ago was extremely eager to learn and become a warrior of IvyClan. Waspsting worked hard to make sure Frogpaw grew to be the best he could and learned everything she could teach him. Though of course she was hard on him at times and their training seemed to go rough, the young tom was strong and persistent, and the two grew quite a unique bond. Frogpaw grew into quite the excellent young warrior and was given his warrior name, Frogleap, for his exceptional pouncing and ambush skills. Waspsting could not have been more proud of both her apprentice for doing so well and herself in many ways for feeling like she had done a good job as well. Though once Frogleap became a warrior two did not interact nearly as much as they had used to, they still remained fairly close.

Waspsting, yet again alone to focus soley on her own duties and responsibilites, never seemed to miss a beat. As soon as her time was no longer consumed training Frogleap, she went right back into using her spare time to find various other things she could be doing to help her clan stay successful and happy. Several more moons passed, and the golden tabby was granted yet another young apprentice to train, this one named Crowpaw, a tiny little she-cat with a huge mouth.

Crowpaw had already previously looked up to Waspsting as a warrior seeing her around came and hearing about all the hard work she had done. This meant that when the young apprentice got the snappy warrior as her mentor she was truly ecstatic and could not clam herself. Of course she very quickly learned that hearing about  the things Waspsting did and actually dealing with her were two different stories completely. The two butted heads frequently, and Waspsting quite often became extra harsh on her new apprentice out of annoyance and impatience. Even still though, despite their clashing personalities, the two trained well together, and like Frogleap, Crowpaw worked hard and grew into yet another fine warrior, eventually being known as Crowcall.

Now having trained two apprentices total in her time, Waspsting felt even more satisfied that she was doing her clan well, and swelled with pride knowing that her leader and other clan-mates trusted and respected her. She figured she would surely get yet another apprentice at some point in the future, but in some ways she hoped it wouldn't be for quite a while yet, considering this she actually apreciated a bit of a break. Though what would come for her next wasn't something she at all expected in her current point in her life.


When Dovestar took over as leader, it wasn't too surprising that Waspsting was chosen to be her deputy. The she-cat has since proved that she was capable of being in a leading position and knew how to handle heavy work loads. Of course however, the tabby couldn't have been more honored and shocked personally at being given the role.

(will add more as developments are made)

|| T R I V I A ||

Favourite things; Silverpelt, Down-time, Climbing

Likes; Seeing her clan thrive, Interacting, Friendly debate, Birds

Dislikes; Failure, Cats too similar to her, Total jerks

Fears; Being seen as weak, Water

|| T R A I N I N G ||

**Adding this on personal preference/ convenience for future reference

Past Mentors: Stealthslash

Past Apprentices: Frogleap, Crowcall

Current Apprentice: N/A

|| R O L E P L A Y ||

Timezone; CST

RP Method;
 ||Comments (Only in a specifically contained area, such as a journal)
✔ ||Skype (Only with friends or other people I have added here)

RP Form;
 ||Text (1-2 sentences)
 ||First Person
 ||Third Person

RP Rating;
 ||PG + 13


(Taken from TRP rp with PinkPoodle543)

Opportunities such as the one present only happened every so often, and Beatrix had full intentions of taking advantage of it. She had been sitting at the bottom of the hill for no more than a few moments, watching the humans' animated movements from what felt like a safe distance for the time being. Like many others, she as well had never seen anything like the carnival before. The bright lights and overflowing amounts of activity both intrigued and intimidated her in perspective, leaving a mixed chill to slip down her spine. She was excited about the opportunities and enjoyment that may come from the venue of course, but she was also wary of the numerous dangers it presented.

The blue-furred murid's whiskers twitched, presenting the only display of movement out of her as her copper-orange eyes shone examining the scene. However, just as her thoughts began to drift to a potential tactic, she was abruptly taken to other matters by a body rolling straight into her and knocking her face-first into the dirt. Her immediate reaction was to produce a startled squeak her previous thoughts of danger heightening her sharp sudden spike of adrenaline. As quickly as she could, Beatrix bolted back onto her feet, whipping her head up to search for what exactly had hit her.

As soon as she spotted it however, her apparent terror quickly faded into a frazzled irritation. Another—male— had been the perpetrator of the sudden knock down. Being half scared to death by a stranger was certainly a wonderful way to truly start off the night. Despite her obvious reaction to the event, she tried her best to settle her nerves in the slightest before confronting the other. "What was all that about? She huffed, her tone betraying her attempt to lighten it.

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