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TGB: Ginerva (Sebby) by Sparaze TGB: Ginerva (Sebby) by Sparaze

General Info

Name: Ginerva
Kit Name: Sebby
Nicknames: Seb, Ginny

Age: 0-6 months
Birthday: 5/10/16

Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Orientation: too young

Tribe: Air
Former Tribe: (Water at birth)
Rank: Artisan Apprentice

Physical Description: Sebby's fur is light, fluffy, and soft to the touch. In her youngest months her fur may seem a little thin in some places, but as she grows it will thicken up to be a fairly dense coat. The fur's length is a sort of medium-long, with some areas being more obvious than others, including a poofy tuft on the top of her head. She is slim, tall and somewhat lanky, with average muscle density for her shape and though she will fill out some as she grows, will stay this way. Her pelt is white with various splotches of red and brown tabby and some cream markings underneath. She has intense, medium green eyes and a pink nose/ paw pads.

Skills: (Primary)

None yet

Mentor: Katzen
Soulbound: N/A


[Sof-hearted/ Kind, Neat/ Methodical, Flexible, Emotional/ Passionate, Side-liner, Clumsy, Self-conscious]

Bullet; Green Soft-hearted/ Kind - Sebby is a very caring young feline. She always wants the best for those around her and would almost never do something to intentionally harm or hurt another's feelings if she can help it. She can't stand to see others fighting or bickering and may even try to play "peace-keeper" from time to time in arguments between her peers. She has a friendly and approachable air to her and loves to meet and interact with new cats just as much as those she is close to. Is Sebby notices another that seems to be upset or having a hard time, she will do her best to try and cheer them up or help out where she can, even if she doesn't think she would exactly be very good at it.

Bullet; Green Neat/ Methodical - It would take a lot for Sebby to intentionally create a mess or do something sloppily. Any time she has gone anywhere with something or attempts a new task she always cleans up after herself and tries her best according to what she has learned. She is not very spontaneous and anything she does she will likely think about and plan in her head before going for it. If she does end up doing something on a whim, she is very likely to mess up or fumble around to get the desired goal accomplished.

Bullet; Green Flexible - Sebby is usually content enough with whatever is going on around her and does decently well with change. She's not extremely picky when it comes to the choice of an activity and is generally happy as long as her friends are happy. If someone asked her to stop doing what she was going to join in on or helping with something else, she will most likely comply.

Bullet; Yellow Emotional/Passionate - Sebby is very strongly connected to her feelings and can get very easily worked up. Even small things that upset her can bring her to slight tears or something she likes can overfill her with joy and excitement. If she finds something she loves she is likely to stick to it and desire to learn as much as she can on the subject. Though it is quite easy to push her buttons and make her distraught, that doesn't mean she will simply run away sniffling either.

Bullet; Yellow Side-liner - When she can help it, this youngster isn't exactly the type to try and immediately take charge. While among her peers she would much rather follow along and keep an eye on everything rather than be at the head of decision-making or attention. She is content just tagging along most of the time without even necessarily doing all that much. Though she still may speak out or make herself known when she thinks the situation really calls for it and if someone asks her what she wants she will still be honest.

Bullet; Red Clumsy - Considering her long-legged height, Sebby isn't exactly the most well-balanced young cat around. There are numerous situations where she might find herself tripping up, or accidentally bumping into something she didn't mean to and potentially making a bit of a mess. Of course she is quick to apologize and try to correct and chaos she may have created. This can also at times carry over into her speech as well. There are moments where she might even stumble over her words or have a hard time finding exactly what it is she wants to say. If she becomes panicked of flustered by a situation this may get worse and she can become frustrated or embarrassed with herself.

Bullet; Red Self-Conscious - Sebby is somewhat unconfident in her abilities and appearance to others. She is very aware of her mistakes and actions and becomes very flustered and upset if she thinks someone has any reason to dislike her or judge her. She tries her best to not let things bother her, but often her own mind and discomforts get the better of her, even when another individual may have no problems with her what-so-ever. She is very receptive to criticism and unkind words and could very easily be shut down or bullied into a very unhappy state of mind. She can't stand being reprimanded or punished for anything, and will likely mull over her mistakes even long past any conversation about it.

Bullet; Red Naive/Gullible - Sebby has a bad habit of being just a little too trusting in others at times, and it is not very hard to trick her into doing something she might not like or disagree with. This is especially true when it comes to someone she considers herself close to, such as her siblings. If one of them were to tell her a false story she would be very likely to at least somewhat believe them. She is not exactly the best at detecting lies, as she likes to keep the benefit of the doubt in mind and see the best side of everyone around her.

Facts/ Quirks
- Sebby is a fairly light sleeper, and it doesn't take much noise or slight disturbance to catch her attention and wake her up
- She is not wasteful and tries to make some sort of use out of everything at her disposal
- Prone to believing conspiracies and rumors at least somewhat
- Can become a little fidgety and is prone to chewing or grinding her teeth when nervous
- Interested in what other animals or creatures do

- Stories/ Learning about the spirits
- Water ( Taste grew by influence of her mother, Sebby doesn't mind getting wet )
- Overcast skies/ storms
- Learning new things, regardless of subject matter
- Being with her daddy or mom/ siblings when she can

- Mushrooms (they just bother her for some reason. ick)
- Rough behavior of any kind
- Crying in front of others
- Things being unorganized or messy
- Being lied to or tricked
- Bullies ;c


Sebby was born in the water tribe with her mother Fuka and three siblings; two sisters, Hammie and Laya and a brother called Lawrence. Her father lived in air tribe. The two created quite the unusual scene with the litter's conception being a complete accident. Sebby's parents may not be together, but she loves both of them dearly and knows they love her as well.


Mother - Fuka - Water - ALIVE
Father - Balthazar - Air - ALIVE

Brother - Lawrence - (Fire) - ALIVE
Sister - Laya - (Light) - ALIVE
Sister - Hammie - Water - ALIVE

Mate - Nnnoooooo
Sons - Eeeeeeewwww


Maternal Grandmother - Gaia - Earth/Exile - DECEASED
Maternal Grandfather - Guld - Water/Exile - UNKNOWN
Maternal Aunt - Cloud - N/A - ALIVE
Maternal Uncle - Mud - N/A - ALIVE

Maternal Great Grandparents -
-Ragna (f) - Lucafi (m) - ? - DECEASED
-Broder (m) - Nat (f) - ? - DECEASED

Maternal Great Uncles -
-Mako - Shadow/Exile - ALIVE
-Dice - Air/Exile - ALIVE
-Seks - Shadow/Exile - ALIVE

Maternal Great Aunts -
-Morning - Shadow/Exile - UNKNOWN
Amirabel - Water/Exile - UNKNOWN

Maternal First Cousins Once Removed -
Barn - ? - UNKNOWN
-Unge - ? - UNKNOWN
-Datter - ? - UNKOWN
-Hund - ? - UNKNOWN
-Kat - ? - Unknown

Paternal Grandmother - Lucyana - N/A - DECEASED
Paternal Grandfather - Patrick - N/A - DECEASED
Paternal Aunt - Maisy - ? - ALIVE
Paternal Great Grandmother - Jenna - Air/Exile/? - DECEASED
Paternal Great Grandfather - Eric - Water/Exile/? - DECEASED


Bullet; WhiteBullet; White Uncertain
Bullet; White Neutral 
Bullet; Blue Acquaintance
Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue Friend
Bullet; Green Close Friend
Bullet; GreenBullet; Green Best Friend
Bullet; Yellow Attraction
Bullet; YellowBullet; Yellow Crush
Bullet; Pink Platonic Love
Bullet; PinkBullet; Pink Romantic Love
Bullet; Red Dislike
Bullet; RedBullet; Red Hatred
Bullet; Orange Suspicious
Bullet; OrangeBullet; Orange Broken Bond 
Bullet; Black Jealous
Bullet; BlackBullet; Black Missing
Bullet; Purple Respect
Bullet; PurpleBullet; Purple Admiration
Heart Heart Mate
Heart Family
Star! Current Apprentice
Half Star Past Apprentice
Death Dead


RP Example

(Taken from The-Rat-Packs RP)

Opportunities such as the one present only happened every so often, and Beatrix had full intentions of taking advantage of it. She had been sitting at the bottom of the hill for no more than a few moments, watching the humans' animated movements from what felt like a safe distance for the time being. Like many others, she as well had never seen anything like the carnival before. The bright lights and overflowing amounts of activity both intrigued and intimidated her in perspective, leaving a mixed chill to slip down her spine. She was excited about the opportunities and enjoyment that may come from the venue of course, but she was also wary of the numerous dangers it presented.

The blue-furred murid's whiskers twitched, presenting the only display of movement out of her as her copper-orange eyes shone examining the scene. However, just as her thoughts began to drift to a potential tactic, she was abruptly taken to other matters by a body rolling straight into her and knocking her face-first into the dirt. Her immediate reaction was to produce a startled squeak her previous thoughts of danger heightening her sharp sudden spike of adrenaline. As quickly as she could, Beatrix bolted back onto her feet, whipping her head up to search for what exactly had hit her.

As soon as she spotted it however, her apparent terror quickly faded into a frazzled irritation. Another—male— had been the perpetrator of the sudden knock down. Being half scared to death by a stranger was certainly a wonderful way to truly start off the night. Despite her obvious reaction to the event, she tried her best to settle her nerves in the slightest before confronting the other. "What was all that about? She huffed, her tone betraying her attempt to lighten it.

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