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TDE: Kit by Sparaze TDE: Kit by Sparaze
Marshmallow by Growlipsis


ID: #

Skelts: TDE: Sparaze Skelt Tracker

Status: Healthy


Name: Kit

Nicknames: Marshmallow


Starting: Newborn/ Under 1 month
Current: Newborn/ Under 1 month

Gender: Male

Breed: Anatolian shepherd, Caanan dog, Golden retriever, Husky, Rough collie mix

Adult Height: 26 in / 66 cm

Adult Weight: 80 lbs / 36 kg

Rank: Pup


[Inquisitive/ Deductive, Self-assured/ Poised, Outgoing/ Sociable, Boastful/ Flirt, Hellion, Obsessive, Impatient/ Restless]

Bullet; Green Inquisitive/ Deductive Bullet; Green
 Kit possesses a constant curiosity for the events and things around him. He almost always will be asking a question about something or sticking his nose into his parents' business to try and figure out what they are doing. He hates being left out of things and not understanding them and could become quite the brat upon being left out of information he wants to get in on. At his age of course regardless of how much he hears, there are still numerous things the young pup couldn't even begin to understand, but that doesn't stop him from trying to piece things together. He'll go crazy with putting all the things he has heard into a compiled source of information to come up with some form of a conclusion and most likely tell it off to his siblings and brag about it like he knows what he's talking about.

Bullet; Green Self-assured/ Poised Bullet; Green
 He is very confident in himself and his own know-how. Kit holds his head high in almost any situation and will relay what he knows with assurance. Even when he is wrong due to his neivity he will hold firm to his ideas until someone more knowledgeable corrects him outright, and even then rather than being ashamed of having been wrong he will only grow stronger in knowing he has furthered his knowledge. Kit will try his best to act mature and collected like the grown-ups, and likes to think he is much more responsible than any others his age.

Bullet; Green Outgoing/ Sociable Bullet; Green
 Kit is always trying to get into any conversation he can. He loves to be around others to share company, chat about whatever and be able to learn new things from strangers. Being so curious and confident he is not at all afraid to approach a random dog he has never seen before and ask them a plethora of questions as they come to mind. He trys his best to be polite in these situations, but often times his curious nature may lead him to not always say things at the most appropriate time. He doesn't give up easily, and is usually quite determined to get what he is after once he puts his mind to it.

Bullet; Yellow Boastful/ Flirt Bullet; Yellow
 He really can often times be seen as extremely full of himself with his confidence and has not been unknown to brag about any and everything. If he thinks he knows something someone else doesn't, he will certainly use that knowledge to his advantage to try and win some admiration. Undoubtedly as he grows older, he may use these methods to impress and show off for the girls. He likes to think he is very well-versed in the things he talks about, but when he is scolded or corrected in this area, his shame doesn't last long, as he will quickly turn to devising new ideas or revamping his point of view with new insight, and he is proud to let you know that as well.

Bullet; Red Hellion Bullet; Red
 Full of energy and a desire to discover new things, Kit can be quite the little trouble-maker at times. He will squeeze himself into the affairs of any other dog he can, and attempt to play along or learn more about their actions or jobs. He sometimes can be noted as somewhat of a prankster. When he sees an opportunity he will use his knowdlege to his advantage to joke around with another pup, or set up a goofy scheme to try and get his way or earn a good laugh. Even just his attitude can often get him in trouble, despite usually meaning well he is still up for a good joke every now and then too.

Bullet; Red Obsessive Bullet; Red
 Kit can often take things he does a little too far. He gets so wrapped up in what he is saying or doing that a joke or a lie could go on much further than he intended for it to and only get him in even more trouble in the end. When he finds something he is passionate about, he tends to pour himself over that one things for quite some time and often neglet other tasks or responsibilities he may have had layed out for him. It may take a few times of asking to get him to do something if he was preoccupied already.

Bullet; Red Impatient/ Restless Bullet; Red
 Considering he seems always want to be in the loop and hearing something interesting, dull moments can be rather irksome to him. He doesn't have the best patience for someone being slow to get what he said or follow along with him and his plans. He certainly can't sit still nd do nothing for long, and is always looking for something to occupy his mind with. If whatever he's doing is boring to him, he is likely to get pretty cranky pretty quick, and not be scared to complain about it.


Born to Hemera and Rory alongside one brother, Nathaniel and four sisters, Dakota, Theta, Alize and Dominique in the year 52.


Strengths: Thinking/problem solving, optimistic/dedicated, endurance, reflexes

Patience, over-confidence, physical strength, poor balance

- He hates muttering
- Comes up with his own words sometimes
- He is extremely interested in the history of the dogs around him and loves to know as much as possible about anything and everything, especially what pertains to his surroundings.
- He desires to rise into a position he would find important, like his parents, though unsure of what specifically. It is possible he may want to follow the path of one of them if he can.


Mother: Hemera
Father: Rory

Brother: Nathaniel



Bullet; WhiteBullet; White Uncertain
Bullet; White Neutral 
Bullet; Blue Acquaintance
Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue Friend
Bullet; Green Close Friend
Bullet; GreenBullet; Green Best Friend
Bullet; Yellow Attraction
Bullet; YellowBullet; Yellow Crush
Bullet; Pink Platonic Love
Bullet; PinkBullet; Pink Romantic Love
Bullet; Red Dislike
Bullet; RedBullet; Red Hatred
Bullet; Orange Suspicious
Bullet; OrangeBullet; Orange Broken Bond 
Bullet; Black Jealous
Bullet; BlackBullet; Black Missing
Bullet; Purple Respect
Bullet; PurpleBullet; Purple Admiration
Heart Heart Mate
Heart Family
Star! Current Apprentice
Half Star Past Apprentice
Death Dead

Hemera - Mother/ Eden/ ALIVE :heart::bulletpink::bulletpurple::bulletpurple: Growlipsis

- Father/ Eden/ ALIVE :heart::bulletpink::bulletpurple::bulletpurple: Saske-Italian-Wolf

-Brother/ Eden/ ALIVE :heart::bulletpink: Growlipsis

Dakota -Sister/ Eden/ ALIVE
:heart::bulletpink: digisploosh

-Sister/ Eden/ ALIVE :heart::bulletpink: MokiHunter

-Sister/ Eden/ ALIVE :heart::bulletpink: TopHat-Queen

-Sister/ Eden/ ALIVE :heart::bulletpink: Saske-Italian-Wolf


(Taken from The-Rat-Packs RP)

Opportunities such as the one present only happened every so often, and Beatrix had full intentions of taking advantage of it. She had been sitting at the bottom of the hill for no more than a few moments, watching the humans' animated movements from what felt like a safe distance for the time being. Like many others, she as well had never seen anything like the carnival before. The bright lights and overflowing amounts of activity both intrigued and intimidated her in perspective, leaving a mixed chill to slip down her spine. She was excited about the opportunities and enjoyment that may come from the venue of course, but she was also wary of the numerous dangers it presented.

The blue-furred murid's whiskers twitched, presenting the only display of movement out of her as her copper-orange eyes shone examining the scene. However, just as her thoughts began to drift to a potential tactic, she was abruptly taken to other matters by a body rolling straight into her and knocking her face-first into the dirt. Her immediate reaction was to produce a startled squeak her previous thoughts of danger heightening her sharp sudden spike of adrenaline. As quickly as she could, Beatrix bolted back onto her feet, whipping her head up to search for what exactly had hit her.

As soon as she spotted it however, her apparent terror quickly faded into a frazzled irritation. Another—male— had been the perpetrator of the sudden knock down. Being half scared to death by a stranger was certainly a wonderful way to truly start off the night. Despite her obvious reaction to the event, she tried her best to settle her nerves in the slightest before confronting the other. "What was all that about? She huffed, her tone betraying her attempt to lighten it.

Original design and Icon by Growlipsis

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