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EBC: Zakai by Sparaze EBC: Zakai by Sparaze
Last Edit:  12/31/17

General Info

Name:  Zakai
   -Meaning: Innocent/ Pure
Nicknames: Zai, Zakky

Gender: Male


Birthday: September 8th, 45 B.C.

Starting: Newborn
Current: 1 year 3 months (As of 3/8/16)

Rank:  Apprentice

Species:  75% lion 25% leopard

Physical Description: A young fluffy lion hybrid with a dull brown coat and light creamy underbelly. Darker brown tipped markings are on his face, tail, legs and back. Very few spots and rosettes from his leopard side are on his cheeks, legs and lower back that will be retained into adulthood. He has an orange colored start of a mane, going down his neck and showing a little on his chest. His tail tuft is also orange and he has blue eyes. His build much more resembles that of a lion being a larger portion of his breeding and he is a rather solid and lean young cub even for his age.

Armor:  For now he only has a few small dark blue wraps around his neck, forelegs and tail. He will likely get something better later on.


Dominant:  Dull brown coat, Orange mane, Blue eyes, Cream underbelly, Lean build

Recessive:  Rosettes, Darker socks, Eye circles, Liver nose/ pawpads

Carrier:  Light cream coat, Light mane

Mutations:  N/A


 [ Industrious, Phlegmatic, Confident, Easygoing, Jealous ... ]

Industrious - Zakai is a fairly determined little guy. He works hard to reach whatever goal he sets and does not give up easily. Whether it be a good or a bad thing, he is more likely to stick to it then just back out and call it quits. In some ways, he could be a bit stubborn, not entirely willing to change his mind on an issue or scenario once he has committed to it with a plan.

Phlegmatic - He is fairly open with his ideas and feelings. Zakai is not the type to bundle things up and hide them away from others. If he is upset or happy for any reason he is not afraid to share his feelings. He can be viewed as quite friendly for this reason and is not opposed to warming up to a kind stranger almost immediately.

Confident - Not at all the shy type or one to really doubt himself, Zakai is rather confident in his own abilities and self. He's not afraid to say or do what is on his mind most of the time and might at times sounds a bit cocky and full of himself. He may not try to brag but sometimes does simply as a result of his mannerisms.

Easygoing - Zakai is not always an extremely proactive individual. When he is not hard-set on and idea or activity, he is usually fairly casual and willing to go with the flow (or at least he tries to be). Despite his sometimes stubborn nature with some of his own ideas, he isn't usually terribly too picky on what he needs to be doing. In this sense he is still a bit impressionable. It's not too difficult to convince him to do something and have him stick with it. His speech is fairly laid-back.

Jealous - Though it may take a bit to really fully get under his skin, he is prone to being a bit jealous at times. Even over minor and more miniscule things, he may feel a twinge. He likes to at least stay in the know of things and be a part of the action or discussion, even if only vaguely. Most small things he may not admit to being jealous about or even remain very aware of it, but if something large pops up it's not too hard to see.



Born in Air empire to Junpier and Lulius with five siblings: Liel, Luba, Iovita, Rosemary and Lefu. Though most of the cubs seemed healthy and strong, his brother Lefu very quickly appeared to be the opposite. The cub died extremely young, not leaving Zakai with too much memory of him. Thankful he and his littermates remained strong, and would continue to grow up in Air Empire. Zakai spent his cubhood rather simply, playing, getting into trouble just like so many others often would. 




Current Mentor: None

Past Mentors: None

Family and Relations

Mother: Juniper - Air Empire Gladiator - ALIVE 

Father: Lulius - Air Empire Gladiator - GONE

Siblings: v

BrotherLuba - Air Empire Cub - GONE 

Brother - Liel - Air Empire Cub - ALIVE

Brother - Iovita - Air Empire Cub - ALIVE

Sister - Roseymary - Air Empire Cub - ALIVE

Brother - Lefu - Air Empire Cub - DECEASED

Mate: N/A

Cubs: N/A


Bullet; WhiteBullet; White Uncertain
Bullet; White Neutral 
Bullet; Blue Acquaintance
Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue Friend
Bullet; Green Close Friend
Bullet; GreenBullet; Green Best Friend
Bullet; Yellow Attraction
Bullet; YellowBullet; Yellow Crush
Bullet; Pink Platonic Love
Bullet; PinkBullet; Pink Romantic Love
Bullet; Red Dislike
Bullet; RedBullet; Red Hatred
Bullet; Orange Suspicious
Bullet; OrangeBullet; Orange Broken Bond 
Bullet; Black Jealous
Bullet; BlackBullet; Black Missing
Bullet; Purple Respect
Bullet; PurpleBullet; Purple Admiration
Heart Heart Mate
Heart Family
Star! Current Mentor/Apprentice
Half Star Past Mentor/Apprentice
Death Dead


Bullet; White:iconebc-air:Bullet; White


Bullet; Blue:iconebc-ice:Bullet; Blue


Bullet; Yellow:iconebc-lightning:Bullet; Yellow


Bullet; Orange:iconebc-fire:Bullet; Orange


Bullet; Purple:iconebc-shadow:Bullet; Purple


Bullet; Red:iconebc-stone:Bullet; Red


Bullet; Black:iconebc-hunters:Bullet; Black


Plots and Prophecies, Wanted Status, and Empire Points



Empire Statistics

Empire Points: 0
Stealth: 0
Strength: 0
Stamina: 0
Speed: 0
Defense: 0
Intelligence: 0

Drawing Records

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