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EBC: Shoe by Sparaze EBC: Shoe by Sparaze
Last Edit:  8/18/17

General Info

Birth Name:  Shoe
Human Given Name: Alcyone 

-- Will go by Shoe all throughout cubhood and likely use her human given name to be initially addressed once she is older. However, family and friends still preferably refer to her as Shoe.

Gender: Female


Birthday: August 17th 44 B.C.

Starting: Newborn
Current: Newborn (As of 8/17/17)

Rank:  Tribune

Species:  Caracal/ Snow Leopard

Physical Description:  Shoe is a small hybrid with a very mixed build. She resembles a snow leopard a bit more in shape though her limbs are a bit longer and thinner than the average snowy, with large caracal ears. Her fur is mostly a medium fluffy length except for on her tail where it becomes rather long. Her pelt is a mixture of grays and browns with black tips and spots from both of her parents and her eyes are red with a light blue ring on the inside.

Armor:  None yet


Dominant:  Red eyes [AA], Black spots [AA], Long tail [AA], Caracal ears [AA], Tail tip [AA], Dorsal stripe [AA]

Recessive:  Dual-hued pelt [Aa], Sectoral heterochromia [Aa], Blue eyes [Aa], Chin mark [Aa]

Carrier:  Blue pelt [aa], Light socks [Aa], Snowie ears [Aa], Caracal tail [Aa]

Mutations:  N/A


 [ Devious, Eccentric, Antsy, Overbearing, Manipulative, Adventurous, Unreserved ]

"No, I can do this. Look I think this way is better."
Sometimes Shoe can be prone to wanting to do things her own way. If someone tells her something she is likely to try still to find a unique way of her own to handle it. Sometimes this means doing the exact opposite of what she might be instructed. She wants to be independent and inventive with her actions, working hard to make sure whatever she does has some sort of level of her own ideas in it.

"Nah, it was probably a twelve-eyed horse monster."
Shoe is not exactly the type to remain under expected conventions. She is creative and desires to take unusual approaches to things. If there is something she has a question about or doesn't understand, her made-up answer or solution might be something totally crazy and off the wall. Not at all what you might expect. She can tend to be a little excitable from time-to-time and get really enthusiastic about her ideas.

"But I want to go plaaaay."
This cub does not like a lack of movement or action most of the time, becoming very easily bored. She constantly has to be going somewhere, doing something or being entertained in some way in order to not have her mind or body wander off. She absolutely hates being told to stay still and quiet for any reason and will probably complain loudly if she ever feels like she's stuck. Shoe may become a bit anxious at times if she doesn't get the stimulation she needs. Putting her down for a nap or going to sleep at night is a bit of a challenge.

"This is fun, we will have fun I promise."
She can sometimes mistake the feelings and desires of others for her own. This is not necessarily because she is trying to be mean, but lacks a slight level of empathy that allows her to always realize not everyone likes what she likes. She tends to think that what she wants is what everyone else wants and will either fight for it, or go along assuming everyone is happy with HER decisions, especially her siblings. She can also be a bit annoyingly protective and nosey with this attitude. She always wants to be in everyone's business and wants to feel like she somehow is included or had a say in any sort of decision making.

"I didn't know... I just thought it would be good because it seemed like a nice thing to do..."
Decent at twisting things around to favor her. If nothing else she's good at looking cute and playing innocent to try and get what she wants. She can play oblivious if she gets in trouble for something or come up with a grand reason as to why she HAD to do that thing you didn't want her to do for the sake of something really important.

"Oh! What's that over there?"
Shoe always wants to go somewhere and be somewhere else and find something new. She likes to stick her nose in any and everything possible and won't stop until she's figured it out. She is very prone to running off. One moment she will be standing right next to you and as soon as you look away the next she has vanished entirely to go look at that thing way far away.

"Hi, I'm Shoe! You look interesting, what's your name? What do you think about that tree over there?"
Shoe is for sure not the shy type. She is always wanting to go talk to new cats and make new friends. She might even be a bit pushy with her interactions sometimes and can get a little loud about it, almost like she's FORCING you to be her friend. It's a rare case for her to turn someone down or push them away of at least just talking, and she at least would like to think she makes lots of good friends without much trouble.


-Has imaginary friends. One a rock she found outside that she named Cumulus. If she is bored and no one else will interact with her, she will talk to the rock.
-Like to sleep in as high up of a location as possible.
-Might sleep with her tail in her mouth a lot.


Shoe was the result of a private breeding between the hunters Pine and Enril. Born from a selected breeding, Shoe's actual father is not one she would really know, but instead a different cat who her mother was actually much closer to. Not that she would really know the difference or totally understand even if she was told. Her mother, Pine and her supposed father, Erik are all she really cares to know and she loves the both of them as much as any cub could, as well as her four siblings.



Bullet; Green Have your tribune observing a battle in the coliseum. 

Bullet; Yellow Have your tribune playing with with their guardian or parent (if parent is in the Hunters).

Bullet; Orange Have your tribune meeting another feline in the Hunter Program.


Bullet; White Have your apprentice guard the captured empire cats.
Bullet; Green Have your apprentice fight in the coliseums for the first time.

Bullet; Yellow Have your apprentice fighting with a trainer or hunter in preparation for the mock hunt.

Bullet; Orange Have your apprentice on patrol somewhere in the city.

Bullet; Red Have your apprentice participating in a mock hunt around the city. 

Family and Relations

Mother: Pine - Caracal - ALIVE (Hunters) Nythero

Adopted Father:  Erik - Lion/ Cougar - ALIVE (Hunters) NiaWolf15 

Biological Father: Enril - Snow Leopard - ALIVE (Hunters) Firewolf-Anime 

Brother: Weed - Caracal / Snow Leopard - ALIVE (Hunters) NiaWolf15 

Brother: Twig - Caracal / Snow Leopard - ALIVE (Hunters) AstraFire1020

Sister: Bucket - Caracal / Snow Leopard - ALIVE (Hunters) Firewolf-Anime 

Sister: Halter - Caracal / Snow Leopard - ALIVE (Hunters) Rowan-Feather 


Pink Relationships: Cub POV --- 
(Credit to Firewolf-Anime )


Bullet; WhiteBullet; White Uncertain
Bullet; White Neutral 
Bullet; Blue Acquaintance
Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue Friend
Bullet; Green Close Friend
Bullet; GreenBullet; Green Best Friend
Bullet; Yellow Attraction
Bullet; YellowBullet; Yellow Crush
Bullet; Pink Platonic Love
Bullet; PinkBullet; Pink Romantic Love
Bullet; Red Dislike
Bullet; RedBullet; Red Hatred
Bullet; Orange Suspicious
Bullet; OrangeBullet; Orange Broken Bond 
Bullet; Black Jealous
Bullet; BlackBullet; Black Missing
Bullet; Purple Respect
Bullet; PurpleBullet; Purple Admiration
Heart Heart Mate
Heart Family
Star! Current Mentor/Apprentice
Half Star Past Mentor/Apprentice
Death Dead


Bullet; Black:iconebc-hunters:Bullet; Black


Bullet; White:iconebc-air:Bullet; White


Bullet; Blue:iconebc-ice:Bullet; Blue


Bullet; Yellow:iconebc-lightning:Bullet; Yellow


Bullet; Orange:iconebc-fire:Bullet; Orange


Bullet; Purple:iconebc-shadow:Bullet; Purple


Bullet; Red:iconebc-stone:Bullet; Red


Plots and Prophecies, Wanted Status, and Empire Points


-- Not wanted

Empire Statistics

Empire Points: 0
Stealth: 0
Strength: 0
Stamina: 0
Speed: 0
Defense: 0
Intelligence: 0

Drawing Records


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