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CoS: Main Map by Sparaze CoS: Main Map by Sparaze
***Map drawn by :iconnythero:, I only added the markers and info. Thank you so much for getting it all draw out!

NOTE: In the future more detailed maps of each Territory and/or Society encampment will be produced for reference.

:bulletpurple: = Shadow Society Territory
:bulletyellow: = Loners Society Territory
:bulletblack: = Blackshore Society Territory
:bulletgreen: = Neutral Territory



1. The Archaism  :bulletpurple::bulletyellow:

The ruins of an ancient city found long ago by the Ancestors of the current Shadow Society. Run down and broken, this places is merely a shell of what it once was. Though there are several places among the city that are suited to re-purpose as shelter. Though there are exact lines of territorial boundaries in the city split between the Shadow Society and the Loners, often among the city walls both Societies are at an agreement to roam between sides as needed.

-A. Underground Tunnels   :bulletpurple:

These long passageways made up of an old drain system are where the Shadow Society seek shelter. All living spaces and storage is here in these tunnels, only when wanting to, in need of supplies or to hunt do most felines venture above ground. The main gathering area lies in the center where a large drain, (since cover by glass to keep out rain) allows natural light to shine into the room.

-C. Loner's Encampment  :bulletyellow:

These are made up of various buildings and structures on the eastern edge of the Archaism. The buildings have been re-enforced and added onto by the felines that live in them to make them more suitable and safe to live in. Here, Loner's can set up various little shops or posts and congregate with one another.

2. The Shrouded Forest  :bulletblack:

A dark thickly grown forest on the opposite side of the river as the Archaism that the Blackshore has claimed as their current territory. This forest is said to posses many unique and strange elements about it such as wild feline-eating plants and glowing flora and fauna. It is both a place to be seen as dark and eerie but also mysteriously beautiful.

B. Blackshore Encampment  :bulletblack:

Deep in the middle of the thick foliage of the forest is an area suddenly much clearer than the rest. This small semi-clearing is where the Blackshore Society have built their camp. The trees inside the camp are used as support structures to build their shelters either on in or underneath. The outer walls of the camp are re-enforced by the thicker concentration of tress and plants as well as additional structures and walls built by the felines.

3. Ran River   :bulletpurple::bulletblack:

The river that splits The Shrouded forest off from the Archaism. It is named for the abundance of lilies that often fall into the water in autumn and drift down-stream towards the lake for felines to see. This river is often used as a source of prey by both the Shadow and Blackshore Societies, though many may be wary of confrontations on its banks.

4. Lake Avonmora   :bulletyellow:

The giant Lake that the Ran River feeds into. This lake's name means "from the great river". The lake is the main source of food for the Loner's society felines who fish in its waters and catch prey on its shorelines.

5. The Gaping Maw   :bulletgreen:

A giant canyon-like chasm ripped into the ground just on the North end of the Archaism. It ripped open the end of one of the tunnels in the Shadow Society's underground home, allowing felines to approach and look into its depths from the opening. The area holds fairly little use to cats of the Societies aside from some rarely available prey. The chasm has many myths and rumors floating around about it. Be it tales of hidden treasure, or terrifying monsters that sleep at the bottom.



:bulletpurple: Shadow Society :bulletpurple:

The shadow Society spends most of their time in their underground tunnels. When they do venture out the land just outside of the Archaism they hunt and gather in is mostly flat plains filled with birds and rodents of various kinds. A small patch of forest by the river is present in which they are able to hunt for the occasional deer and other animals that use the trees. Of the three usable exits in the underground tunnels two of them open up in Loner's territory. These two exits are mostly kept for emergency, though Loner's do not mind if Shadow cats were to occasionally use these exits most of the time. The main entrance/ Exit is the western tunnel on their land.

:bulletyellow: Loner's Society :bulletyellow:

The Loner's, like the Shadow Society, use the bit of plains outside of their end of the Archaism. There they can catch prey very similar to that found in their neighboring Societies' land. Primarily however, they do most of their hunting in and by the lake where they catch fish and other animals on the shore doing the same. Occasionally one my catch something rare such as an eagle near the Gaping Maw. Smaller animals such as lizards can also sometimes be found there. Loners must sometimes be cautious however, as some large dangerous creatures dwell deep in the lake's center.

:bulletblack: Blackshore Society :bulletblack:

A darkened forest thickly shrouded by various plant life. Due to the lack of natural light in many areas, this place is unique for its types of glowing flora and small fauna. Such as bio-luminescent fungi and small beetles. it also however possess very dangerous creatures as well. From other large predators to, giant carnivorous plants. There is also a very wide array of prey in the forest that the Blackshore felines hunt. Though due to its dangers, this only serves as another motivator for these cats to try and take over the Archaism, for the safeties it provides.


If you have any questions please feel free to ask!

Map Drawn by: :iconnythero:

Nythero Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Awesome job!! <3
Probably better to keep kits and young apprentices away from the maw, huh?
Sparaze Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Yes, definitely XD

And ty ;w;
Nythero Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2015  Student Digital Artist
You're welcome!! <3
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