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CoS: Harou by Sparaze CoS: Harou by Sparaze
Last edit: 7/19/15

General Info

Name: Harou
Age:  10 months (As of 7/15/15)
Gender: Male
Species: Asiatic Golden Cat
Society: Shadow
Rank: Witch Doctor Apprentice
Magic Mastered: Water
Magic Being Practiced: Healing


[Patient/Calm, Sympathetic, Flirty, Jocular, Communal]

Patient/Calm: Harou is quite the laid back little fellow in various ways. He is not quick to anger or become overly panicked or stressed. In important situtions he keeps his cool fairly well most of the time. This is a trait that makes him quite the reliable source as a witch doctor. He is also willing to wait for just about anything as long as he needs to. He makes sure to take his time on any given task and is very unlikely to rush through very many things, unless they are something he sees as unimportant.

Sympathetic:  The young golden cat is known to be pretty easy to get along with and talk to. He is good at listening to others and doing best to understand their individual situations. He prides himself at feeling like is rather efficient at dealing with others, both in and out of medical situations. If you ever need someone to confide in or cry with, Harou is a decent choice.

Flirty:  Harou can oftern times be a pretty big flirt. He's always being super friendly and kissing up to all the pretty girls that pass through. Whether or not his methods work of course is entirely up to the individual, but he thinks he can be quite the wooer most of the time.

Jocular: Harou keeps a light spirit that is not easily detered. He can often be seen cracking jokes, whether they be stupid little remarks or comebacks for planning a full out prank with a buddy or two, he won't miss out on some good laughs when he thinks the time is right. He thinks he's pretty clever, even when his jokes are completely bland and not funny at all, but at least he gets a kick out of them.

Communal:  Not surprisingly Harou is the type of feline who doesn't often like to be alone. He is quite the social little guy, and would much rather be enjoying someone's company than sitting around all by himself. Even when he is working he is always thankful to have another nearby. Despite their differences, he is always happy to around and learning from Calypso.


Harou didn't have a whelphood that anyone would call extraordinary. He grew up as a single cub with his mother and his father, Aileen and Seren. Both were very simple individuals, doing the best they could to raise their son and make sure he stayed happy. Harou's father on days he was able would take the young feline out, helping him practice his element and learn other valuable simple skills. His mother, doing the same when Seren was out performing duties for the society. He of course kept a relationship very close to both of his parents.

As he grew older, he displayed interest in helping others. Any time he was out playing with other whelps he would always want to join in on any games others started and if someone got hurt or upset, he would be the one to stop and comfort them. Aileen and Seren were very happy about this quality in their son, and encouraged him to continue to be helpful to others.

When the plague struck, Harou's parents both fell ill quite near the beginning. They forced their son to stay away from them in fear that he would grow sick too, the only contact he had with them was from a distance, often watching the witch doctor treat them. Harou felt alone and helpless, he wanted to be able to be with his parents and try to help get them better too. But in the end, his absence from them no doubt probably saved his life. Alieen and Seren both passed away from their sickness, leaving the young cub on his own from then on.

His parents' deaths only made him strive more to do what he could for his society mates. Having watched the witch doctor work to try and save many lives inspired the young cat to persure that same path. He decided he wanted to study under Calypso to become a witch doctor just like her and help those who were hurt. As soon as he was old enough to begin training as an apprentice, he was accepted under the youn witch doctor.


- Though he keeps calm, after the plague Harou is quite sensitive to dealing with certain diseases.


Current Apprentices: None

Past Apptentices: None

Current Mentor: Calypso

Past Mentor: None


Mother: Aileen - Shadow - DECEASED
Father: Seren - Shadow - DECEASED
Siblings: None


:bulletwhite::bulletwhite: Uncertain
:bulletwhite: Neutral
:bulletblue: Acquaintance
:bulletblue::bulletblue: Friend
:bulletgreen: Close Friend
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Best Friend
:bulletyellow: Attraction
:bulletyellow::bulletyellow: Crush
:bulletpink: Platonic Love
:bulletpink::bulletpink: Romantic Love
:bulletred: Dislike/Annoyance
:bulletred::bulletred: Hatred
:bulletorange: Suspicious
:bulletorange::bulletorange: Broken Bond
:bulletblack: Jealous
:bulletblack::bulletblack: Dead/Missing
:bulletpurple: Respect
:bulletpurple::bulletpurple: Admiration
:heart: Mate
:star: Current Apprentice/ Mentor
:star-half: Past Apprentice/ Mentor

:bulletpurple: The Shadow Society :bulletpurple:

:bulletpurple::bulletblue:(Lazarus) - Shadow Leader
- "We haven't really interacted much yet, but he's pretty great I think. I'm glad he's our leader and I will follow whatever orders he has for me for sure."

:star::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletpurple::bulletpurple:(Calypso) - Shadow Witch Doctor
- "She's a little grouchy sometimes, but I know she cares. I'm so thankful she let me be the one to be her apprentice. I promise I won't let you or anyone else down, Calypso."

:bulletyellow: The Loners Society :bulletyellow:


:bulletblack: The Blackshore Society :bulletblack:


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