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COR: Zara by Sparaze COR: Zara by Sparaze
Last Edit: 6/9/15

District: Paradise

Name: Zara
Gender: Female
Age: v
Starting: 4 years 2 months
Current: 5 years 10 months (As of 10/1/16)
Species: Mutt - 50% Bernese Mountain Dog, 50% Doberman Pinscher
Position/Rank: Enforcer
Height: 26 in
Weight: 95 lbs
Breed Tier: Medium

Join date: 1/1/15

Physical Description:

A fairly large and well muscled mutt. She has a long thick coat, floppy ears, golden eyes and a dark rusty brown coloration with white.


Light metal plating and a short scale-like leather skirt on the torso. Forearms have another leather plate set on a dull dark red cloth bracer.


None yet

Physical traits that may be carried on:

-Dominant: Brown and rust coat [Aa], golden eyes [AA], White under markings [Aa], Long coat [AA]

-Recessive: Dark tail and ear tips [aa], dorsal stripe [aa]

-Carrier:  Black and Rust coat [Aa], brown eyes [aa], short coat [aa]

-Mutations: none

Description of Personality:

[Aggressive/short-tempered, Compliant, Loner, Brash, Tactical, Steadfast]

Aggressive/Short-tempered- Zara is not what you would consider the most friendly of characters. She is very easy to anger or annoy and has very little tolerance for the actions or words of others that she finds distasteful. She is not at all unwilling to physically let someone know how she feels if the situation allows her to.

Compliant- She very much agrees with Nord's system and method of ruling, and supports him as fully as she can. Zara is very respectful of order and ranking. She will listen to and carry out any order she is given by a higher-up without hesitation, unless she has an immediate problem with the situation. Usually though, she probably won't.

Loner- Zara isn't exactly a social butterfly, and has a hard-time finding herself even willing to make friends. She tends to much rather prefer her silence and work most of the time then full companionship, and may seem harsh to any attempts from others to get on her good side. Though she will open up a bit to anyone she does end up considering to be close to her.

Brash- Zara is certainly not very good at being exceptionally kind to others, even when she may need to be and can often come across as very rude. She may not always have the intent to hurt someone's feelings, but is not unlikely to and hardly notice when she does. She will express herself and her opinions to you without a sugarcoat.

Tactical- If left to her own devices or put in a situation necessary, Zara can be rather resourceful and clever with formulating strategies. She will find a way to get a job done without too much direct instruction and always manages to find a back-up plan. She can follow an order, or hold it out on her own.

Steadfast- Once she has made a decision, Zara is very unlikely to go back on it. She does not abandon her causes of beliefs and will hold herself firm in ensuring she follows through. Anything she supports, will continue to receive that support with full dedication, unless something happens to cause her to formulate a new opinion.

Interesting Facts:



Zara was born with her brother Atlas to her parents, Ryker and Ira, when the dogs of Paradise were still locked within the vaults. Though she didn't live a large portion of her life within, the time did take up a majority of her puphood and allowed her to be alive long enough to know how things functioned. Neither of her parents were exactly the most fun-loving types of characters and raised the two pups on very strict regulation, and routine. Her father, having been an enforcer at the time before her taught both of his pups how to better their skills and act as he did.

Though things between her an her parents seemed rough at times, Zara was very head-strong and determined to make her father proud. She worked hard with him and very soon in her life aspired to ensure she would be in the same position as him some day. Her brother however, didn't share quite the same enthusiasm as she did, and often he was treated much more harshly as punishment for his often uncooperative and more cowardly behavior. Zara's mother, though still following and further enforcing the same mind-set and lessons, was more lenient and understanding of the pups then Ryker was. As often as he could, Atlas would take more to hiding with his mother when Zara and Ryker were training.

When the time came that a group of dogs had actually made it back into the vaults after venturing to the surface, and the doors would be opened, Zara was thrilled. Even if the city was not exactly what she could have imagined, the pure fact that they were able to leave the underground confinement and be out in the open was miraculous enough. Zara continued to train with her father until and even after she had finally begun to work into becoming a sentinel.

Many were unhappy with the new rules and regulations that the elders put into place in the new so called "paradise", and though Zara and her family were among the displeased, her father did nothing in protest. When Nord eventually took over control, it didn't take long for the mutt to again become much more inspired and in agreement. Though the new leader of Paradise still had his harsh rules, Zara believed them to be fair, and supported the akita mix fully. She had a new drive to continue to work hard for her position and her new leader.

Zara was extremely against the rebelling that began to take place after a while. The mutt saw those who ran as ungrateful, for the fact that Nord had begun to make life in Paradise better— as she believed it— and still so many others chose to be unhappy and rebellious. Her father had died going out after a large group of dogs who escaped, and was killed by ferals. Her mother and brother fled along with others and were not seen again. Zara presumes them to be dead as well.


Mother: Ira
Doberman (Status Unknown)

Father: Ryker
Bernese Mountain Dog (Deceased)

Brother: Atlas
Doberman/ Bernese Mountain Dog (Status Unknown)

Other Information:

Currently Mentoring: None

Mentored in the Past: None

Past Mentor: None


:bulletwhite: Neutral
:bulletgreen: Friendly
:bulletblue: Close Friends
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Loyal
:bulletblue::bulletblue: Oath
:bulletred: Dislike
:bulletred::bulletred: Hate
:bulletyellow: Attraction
:bulletpink: Crush
:bulletpink::bulletpink: Love (Romantic)
:heart: Mate
:bulletorange: Suspicion / Distrust
:bulletblack: Dead
:bulletpurple: Annoyance

:bulletblack: Paradise :bulletblack:



Total Points: 40CP
Placed: 0CP
Available: 40CP

Strength: 0
Defense: 0
Agility: 0
Speed: 0
Intelligence: 0
Stamina: 0
Vitality: 0
Stealth: 0

-Strength (power of attacks)
-Defense (protection against attacks)
-Agility (ability to avoid attacks/dodging/balance)
-Speed (how fast a character moves/running)
-Intelligence (how smart a character is)
-Stamina (how well a character lasts before running out of energy)
-Vitality (how well a character recovers/endurance)
-Stealth (how well your character can hide/sneak)

Drawing Record:

* = assignments

-App- 10CP
-Zara Icon- 2CP
-Jasper Icon- 2CP
-Killian Icon- 2CP
*-Medic Escort -24CP

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KingKinu Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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We'll have to have them interact some time. <33
KingKinu Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist

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