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COR App: Ren by Sparaze COR App: Ren by Sparaze
Last edit: 7/22/15

District: Lambda

Name: Ren
Gender: Female
Age: v
Starting: 3 years
Current: 4 years 9 month (As of 10/1/16)
Species: Mutt - 50% wolf, 25% malamute, 25 % ( Japanese ) Akita Inu
Position/Rank: Guardian
Height: 31 in
Weight: 103 lbs
Breed Tier: Large

Join date: 1/1/15

Physical Description:

She is rather large and stocky with a long thick pelt (very prominent on neck and tail) , big fluffy paws ( at metacarpal down to paw-pads ), and a bushy curled tail. She has a very dull brown base coat coloration with a slightly more saturated brown on her back, dark blueish-black brindle stripes and a light cream full underbelly. She has pale green eyes, a black nose/claws and dull pink paw-pads.


She wears a leather harness with a leather chest piece and a dark solid leather collar to help hold it in place. Leather paw gloves with large metal claws attached at the bottom over the top of her paws as her weapon. She also has cloth bands around each leg the same green color as her face paint.


Ren wears paw gloves with metal claw extensions as her weapon of choice. Because of the large size of her paws and her size in general, she likes to use the power of her paws to her advantage, thus placing her sharp weapon directly onto them. This however can sometimes cause some imbalance.

Physical traits that may be carried on:

-Dominant: pale brown coat [Aa], brindled coat [Aa], green eyes [Aa], long fur [AA], curled tail

-Recessive: fluffy ears [aa]

-Carrier: light gray pelt [Aa], blue eyes [aa], short coat [aa]

-Mutations: none

Description of personality:

[Poised/ Self-reliant, Stubborn/ Determined, Sociable/Cordial, Puerile, Encompassing]
Poised/ Self-reliant: Ren is a canine who is quite confident in herself and her abilities. Even in situations that may not seem favorable, she will at the very least keep a positive attitude and do her best, and think nothing less of herself for any failure. Despite her brother's constant overbearing attitude towards her, she is quite capable of handling her own business. Though she may seem childish at times, she is not at all unintelligent or careless. She very often gets quite annoyed with how Sindbad still treats her like a pup he needs to look after, and will jump at an opportunity to show off how capable she is if needed.

Stubborn/ Determined: Quite the strong-willed mutt at times, she doesn't back down on her own decisions easily. Once Ren has set her mind to something and truly believes it to be in good interest to her or another, she will keep at it until she succeeds or can't any longer. Though she is still reasonable, as well. If she is ordered to do something otherwise she will listen and is not unkeen to take the opinion of other's to heart. Be careful though, if you make her a promise or a bet she just might hold it over your head until the end.

Sociable/ Cordial: Ren is always very eager to interact with others, be it in her district or otherwise. There is rarely a moment that she likes to truly be alone, and would much rather  be in the company of someone she doesn't like, rather than no one at all. She is rather sensitive to others and does her best to be someone that is easy to get along with. Of course considering her more stubborn side, she as well has her moments that may be agreeable, but most of the time she is quite pleasant company.

Puerile: Ren retains a some what child-like nature in many ways. She is a little overly inquisitive, chipper and to some talkative, giving the false sense of immaturity at first impression. Her over friendly nature resembles that of a curious pup often times. This is something in some ways she seeks to correct and dull down in the presence of her brother as she think perhaps it helps add to why he treats her the way he does. However, despite her bold silly exterior, the young mutt is quite matured and intelligent— or at least much more than you might assume.

Encompassing: Considering her social tendencies, Ren does not like to leave anyone out of the picture if possible. The more dogs around to share the event with the better in her mind, and if someone is having a hard time then she would personally try to correct that. She wants to feel like everyone is having a fair chance to enjoy themselves or take part, regardless of what is going on. She herself also always has to be in on whatever is going on. If she sees something that looks like any form of open gathering she will immediately want to at least know what's up.

Interesting facts:

-She's quite adventurous and loves to find new places and things to examine.

-Because of her size she does not like narrow or very small spaces.

-She enjoys collecting seashells and unique rocks she finds by the water.


Ren was born to her parents, William and Tsukimi about the time the Paradise district was officially established and living within it. Life was rough and in a constant struggle to ensure that their family was kept alive, Ren's parents were almost always busy and away, leaving the young pup to be more around and mostly raised by her older brother, Wilson. Because of the lack of their parents around, the two siblings despite the gap in their age grew very close, and Ren grew to look up to her brother. Though that doesn't mean she was without her stubbornness and trouble making in her puppy days.

By the time the rebellion took place, Ren was grown. Also desiring for escape and to remain with her family, the young mutt joined her parents and brother in the separation from Paradise. Though the two siblings made it out safely, their parents didn't exactly. When they first thought they were safe and free, the Sentinels, found their parents and quickly apprehended them and returned them to Paradise as slaves. Ren and her brother witnessed the incident too late, and there was nothing they could do without exposing themselves and being captured as well, which was not what their parents would have wanted. Ren was furious and distraught at being able to do nothing for her mother and father, but they had no other option but to push on.

After their escape as the dogs were seeking leaders and wondering where to go, Ren's brother, now known as Sindbad became greatly respected and admired by many of the survivors and would soon lead those dogs to the shipyard and form District Lambda. Ren was very proud of her older brother and still continued to look up to him just as much as she had when she was younger, and of course, followed him among others to their new home.


Father: William (NPC)
Species: Wolf
Status: Alive (Paradise- slave)

Mother: Tsukimi (NPC)
Species: Mutt (50% Akita Inu, 50% Malamute)
Status: Alive (Paradise- slave)

Brother: Sindbad
Species: Mutt (50% Wolf, 25% Akita Inu, 25% Malamute)
Status: Alive (Lambda Leader)
Played by: ValkyrieMoon

Mate: None

Pups: None

Crush: None

Other Information:

Currently Mentoring: Mellow

Mentored in the Past: None

Past Mentors: None


Bullet; White Neutral
Bullet; Green Friendly
Bullet; Blue Close Friends
Bullet; GreenBullet; Green Loyal
Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue Oath
Bullet; Red Dislike
Bullet; RedBullet; Red Hate
Bullet; Yellow Attraction
Bullet; Pink Crush
Bullet; PinkBullet; Pink Love (Romantic)
Heart Mate
Bullet; Orange Suspicion / Distrust
Bullet; Black Dead
Bullet; Purple Annoyance

Bullet; Green Lambda Bullet; Green

Bullet; GreenBullet; GreenBullet; BlueBullet; Purple
Ren's older brother and primary caretaker throughout most of her life. She could hardly care for him more than she already does despite their disagreements and mutual frustration with each others actions. She would follow him into anything if she had to.

More TBD


Total Points: 59 CP
Placed: 10CP
Available: 49CP

Strength: 3
Defense: 2
Agility: 0
Speed: 1
Intelligence: 2
Stamina: 1
Vitality: 1
Stealth: 0

-Strength (power of attacks)
-Defense (protection against attacks)
-Agility (ability to avoid attacks/dodging/balance)
-Speed (how fast a character moves/running)
-Intelligence (how smart a character is)
-Stamina (how well a character lasts before running out of energy)
-Vitality (how well a character recovers/endurance)
-Stealth (how well your character can hide/sneak)

Drawing record:

-App- 10CP
-This Way -8CP
-AT: Roark -5CP
-Ren Icon -2CP
-COR: Siblings -6CP
-Adoptables Set 1 -3CP
-Adoptables Set 2 -3CP
-Sea-Pup Sitting -22CP

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