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AoB: Takumi Akio by Sparaze AoB: Takumi Akio by Sparaze
Last Edit: 6/24/15

General Info

Name: Takumi Akio

Family Name: Takumi (Artisan, skillful)
Given Name: Akio (Glorious Hero)
Nicknames: None currently

Species: Tanuki (Racoon Dog)

Gender: Male
Orientation: Bisexual

Starting: 20 years
Current: 20 years (As of 6/24/15
Birthday: 10/26/(1994)
Zodiac: Scorpio, Dog

Height: 5'4
Weight: 129 lbs

Faction: Shinobi
Occupation: Apprentice
-Crafter: Mask maker

-Everyday outfit
-Shinobi outfit
-Kitsune mask: usually worn with Shinobi outfit but is never worn without the outfit
-Tantō: basic weapon of choice


[Hot-headed/Impatient, Conscientious/Idealistic, Coarse, Sympathetic, Secretive, Loner]

Hot-headed/Impatient: More-so in social interaction, Akio can be very short on patience. He can become easily agitated and annoyed if someone is not doing what he would like perhaps as quickly as he would like them to. You could easily say he has quite a bit of a temper. Of course he tries his best to keep it toned down, and would hopefully to him never lose his cool in the presence of a polite guest, or superior.

Conscientious/Idealistic: Akio wants to make sure he is getting his job done and getting it done well. He does not like the idea of putting in any less than best effort or slacking in efficiency. Of course he is willing to use the time it takes to accomplish a task and knows generally his own decent boundaries, but when it comes to learning something new if he does not catch on as quickly as he hoped he will most likely be overly frustrated and disappointed in himself.

Coarse: Along with his temper can often follow a somewhat unpleasant tongue. If speaking to someone he is willing to insult he will most likely not hesitate in doing so. This manner of speaking becomes more profound as he grows more flustered. He would most likely never speak out against someone he wished to be polite to unless he felt they deserved it, but that may not stop him from speaking in his mind.

Sympathetic: Despite his temperamental and often rude behavior, typically Akio can still be a caring soul. When he sees a situation that truly calls for care he is not prone to ignoring it or adding in his distasteful remarks. He may not always be the best person to talk to, or usually offer great advice, but for a friend he is always willing to try.

Secretive: There are not too many intimate details of his life that Akio is particularly willing to share, even with the closest of friends. He doesn't exactly gloat about his accomplishments or share the details of his day-to-day activities. He would much rather keep most of his experiences to himself, unless something specific strikes him as important to share with someone he trusts, or is a very small simple detail. For sure if you were to ever give him a secret he would have no trouble keeping it.

Loner: Akio is not the most immediately social character you could bump into. He most of the time would much rather prefer his peace and occasional companionship from close friends rather than having a large amount of others hanging around him at all times. Not to say he cannot socialize or is unwilling to when necessary, but he certainly enjoys the quiet over a ton of useless jargon.


Akio never had what one might call and exciting life growing up in Saruhazo. Though that's not to say he had it at all bad either. Akio was born an only child, his mother soon perishing as he came into the world. His father, Ryota, was a fairly modest craftsman, a mask-maker who spent his days creating various different forms and styles of the accessories for whatever occasion or event the particular order called for. The young Akio began learning the trade alongside his father at an early age, and took to it rather quickly. His father was also a firm believer in being self sufficient in every way possible, including how to fight and defend himself. Of course he was no master of any art or form, but knew how to at least protect himself and fight back in most situations. These basic fighting skills he also made sure to pass on to his son.

Being such a determined learner and not exactly the biggest socialite, Akio often preferred solely the company of his father from day-to-day. He clearly better enjoyed helping Ryota around the shop and continuing to learn as much from as often as he could rather than escaping off to do other things. In consequence, through his childhood Akio possessed very few friends or even others he could really say he knew that well. Though at the age of 17 he did meet one individual who struck him as someone else he could be much closer to. Masaru had moved into the village of Saruhazo with his father, and over the few months that the wolf had spent living in the area they had become quite close as friends. Ryota in many ways was happy to see his son reaching out a bit more, and typically had no objections in him leaving to spend time with the other. Though one day Masaru left quite suddenly and hardly without much of a word, leaving Akio yet again to remain alone with his father.

The only remaining bit of companionship Akio had truly know would not last much longer however. A couple of years later, his father grew ill, and eventually passed away. Now entirely alone, the young tanuki kept to his relative solitude, and now being old enough to take care of himself, took over and continued the trade of his father. As much as he still enjoyed the craft work, in many ways he strived to find something more to occupy his time and further his skills with. Of course he did not want to abandon the trade of his father, he considered and strived to find something new to learn and perhaps add to his daily activities that he could find to be a little more fulfilling.

A few more months passed and not much had changed in his life. Akio gradually grew more frustrated and irritable over the fact that he hadn't managed to do more than remain where he had always been. This irritability peaked and caused an incident one day in the open. Hardly even managing to remember afterwards what exactly had set him off to cause the scene, he found himself in a fight with a stranger. Certainly not an unskilled stranger at that either, but fortunate enough for the young tanuki, he had been taught well enough to manage to prevail in the battle. Though it was a close call. Unknowingly to Akio at the time, the stranger who he had just brawled with was a young member of the Shinobi, a group he had only really heard about in stories and gossip from his father and passing customers.

Later that night another unknown appeared at his home to speak with him. The new stranger, a red panda named Inazuma Amaranthe presented him an offer. She would reveal to be the leader of the Shinobi and had witnessed his fight against one of her own. She invited him to join and begin training as a part of the group. Akio of course was completely surprised by the sudden turn of events, but was not at all displeased with them. He saw this opportunity immediately as what he had been searching for as a welcome change and accepted her offer without too much delay.

Now beginning his training as an apprentice of the Shinobi he finds a new challenge and cause to dedicate himself to.


Father:  Takumi Ryota - Deceased
Mother: Takumi Fumiko - Deceased

Siblings: None

Spouse/Partner: None, Single


Bullet; WhiteBullet; White Uncertain / Nervous / Confused / Guilty
Bullet; White Acquaintance
Bullet; Blue Protective
Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue Friend
Bullet; Green Close Friend
Bullet; GreenBullet; Green Best Friend
Bullet; Yellow Platonic Love / Attraction
Bullet; YellowBullet; Yellow Crush
Bullet; Pink Non-Romantic Love
Bullet; PinkBullet; Pink Romantic Love
Bullet; Red Animosity
Bullet; RedBullet; Red Hatred
Bullet; Orange Scared of/ slight dislike
Bullet; OrangeBullet; Orange Broken Bond [falling out or death]
jsenn the beloved Oath 
Bullet; Black Jealous
Bullet; BlackBullet; Black Envy
Death Dead / Missing / Captured
Bullet; Purple Respect
Bullet; PurpleBullet; Purple Admiration 
Star! Past Apprentice
Half Star Current Apprentice
No Star Lost/Dead Apprentice


Hamasaki Masaru



Drawn App- +? ryo
Total ryo: ?

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