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it took me a LOT of time...
phew... but i love monkey island since the beginning and just wanted to pay tribute to this masterpiece!
it's dedicated to all the monkey island fans!

Guybrush, LeChuck and Monkey Island is (c) Ron Gilbert
thanks man.
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Wonderful style, and I absolutely love LeChuck's expression :XD:
SpankTB's avatar
thank you! glad you like it!
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Argh wie geil ist das denn *O* *stalkt gerade mal alle deine Bilder durch* höhö :D Monkey Island is einfach eins der geislten Spiele überhaupt *u*
Und dein Fanart dazu einfach arghhh Liebe :iconrainbowheartplz: Die Koloration, die Lines, die Lichteffekte ...einfach perfekt D: *ansabber*
SpankTB's avatar
X333 awwww danke!
oh jah ich liebe monkey island! ganz besonderns lechucks revenge :)
Chalitto's avatar
Oh man ich liebe Monkey Island! ^^ Sehr cooles Bild!
SpankTB's avatar
♥ es ist einfach liebe. danke schön!
JenXComics28's avatar
:winner: Love this pic!!
SpankTB's avatar
Noe-Izumi's avatar
This is epic winnnnnnnnnn!!!! :D
SpankTB's avatar
:D glad you like it!
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This is great =) you did a really good job with the details, except you forgot the pulley in the chicken!
SpankTB's avatar
aww thank you!
yeah XD i always played the original non-picture-inventury-version of part 1 and i just didn't know how to draw the pulley properly XD i'm sorry
JohnnieWalk3r's avatar
haha.. dont worry about it lol.. was just being a bum. great work though =)
SpankTB's avatar
:^D thank youuuu
Raul-Ranma's avatar
Wait... Is he holding... A rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle? What possible use could that have?
Raul-Ranma's avatar
nice drawing btw ^^
SpankTB's avatar
hehe thank you!
HybridLPFan's avatar
hahahaha i laughted at guybrush's expression lol!
that rubber chicken is awesome!hahaha reminded me of the joked he used to say in all the monkey island series lol
great drawing!
SpankTB's avatar
lol hehe.thank you very very much!! glad you like it!
HybridLPFan's avatar
no problem =)..i meant it ^^
Mangatellers's avatar
Ahaha! Guybrush looks hilarious here. MI games are my favorite adventure games of all time. Especially the second one. :D
SpankTB's avatar
hehe! THANK YOU!!!!

yes! MI is awesome. i also like the 2nd part best!
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Awesome :dummy: love this game! very good!
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