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Bare Bottom See Sore by SpankRed, visual art



Busted Bus Ride by SpankRed, visual art


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Switched On Schoolgir by SpankRed, visual art

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Artist // Professional // Digital Art
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Heart: Love is in the air, someone is thinking of you! (1)
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Snowball: Someone likes you, and it's snow joke! (2)
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My Bio

I am was born in 1968, I am from the UK & I know live on an island in Greece.

The latest spanking artwork picture stories & updates. Bare bottom and pantie spanking pictures with schoolgirl caning scenes. Red hot bottoms and smiling spankers feature in my work, as well as facial expressions. Most of the girls seem to enjoy being smacked, whipped and caned. The idea of punishing a girl is not so exciting if they don’t enjoy it a little. Some pictures do have naughty girls with red bottom cheeks from punishment scenarios.

This is a time consuming & takes ages to get the right picture, but when it works it works well. All created using Daz3D Studio software and my warped, twisted imagination. Some drawings can be done in a day some take weeks and are ongoing. I am also available for private commissions for personal collectors & illustrations for magazines/ books/ websites etc.

The stories of naughty girls and boys in a whimsical set of spanking scenarios and scenes that I have dreamed up over the years. Hot red bottoms feature a lot in the pictures from light spankings to hard caning or the use of a whip. Ongoing scenes like Punishment Park, where girls are sent to carnival where all the rides are spanking related. Inside the main members section the galleries also include some animation gif’s and some pictures from other artists. The site is split into section with a series about a a place where spanking is a normal way of life “Spankford” (A bit like the Stepford Wives). There is also a section on boys who get dressed up like girls (some voluntary, some forced). “Sissyboy Spanking”. Upstairs in Uncles attic in a little dress and panties for a good smacking over his knee for fun or just punishment.

Tools of the Trade
Daz3d Studio Software and a big ass games machine :-)

Fantasy ART not reality.

This site & contains picture stories of spanking & punishment fantasy scenarios for the purpose of artistic versions of corporal punishment situations.

All of the characters depicted in the scenes are a minimum of 18 years old.

Some of the characters are made to look young as a fantasy from their perspective. Also t give the viewer a tangible perspective. I am not in business of promoting or endorsing abuse to minors.

If you are offended by such artwork please don't look at it. I am unbiased towards people views however I expect everyone else to be the same. 🙄

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Spanking Art & Punishment Illustrations

Welcome to spankred3d spanking artwork and punishment illustrations. Thousands of pictures with corporal punishment scenes of naughty girls, boys and sissy boys getting spanked. All of the original 3d artwork is in a story format with multiple pictures. They tell a story of the punishment of a naughty schoolgirl or sissy boy receiving punishment.

Red Hot Cheeks Spanking Comics

by ...spankred3d

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Enjoy the sites and my artwork Pete 😎

**Yesterdays Desk Top** (only it was side by side) I have been so busy with work... now doing 2 stories simultaneously. Red Hot Cheeks prequel Spanks A Lot (Schoolgirl Maddie). ** ** Also working on 3 separate stories for ** ** Spanking & Transport, Untidy Room, Switched On Schoolgirl + the 2023 UPDATES :D
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Well it's been a busy old week. I am not complaining. I have a load of commissioned work to get through this weekend and a site update or two. I hope everyone out there has a spanking good weekend :D
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thanks for watching and the hype badge ... realy much appreciated 😎

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Thanks for the Hype award! Feel free to bend me over your knee for a few complimentary spanks! 😊💋

In your leather skirt on your donation walk. I would certainly have you over my lap for a red hot bottom and probably make a donation, myself :)

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You are welcome and well deserved