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I finally started a Patreon! If you would like to support my art and see exclusive work to Patreon, join for only 5 bucks a month! I will make 3 sketches and one colored image a month AT LEAST. So far I have an exclusive sketch story called 'Roxxie's Messy Diaper Punishment', a couple exclusive Bridgette Redheart pics, and a few new sketches!
Commissions open again! On average, I tend to charge 175-200 USD for commissions. If you are interested in a commission shoot me an email at 
I have held off officially posting my prices here for too long, so I shall finally list commission pricing and rules!

First, the rules! I will do pricing in a separate post. Yes these are super in depth, only because people sometimes wonder why I say no, so here is a giant list of rules I have for commissions. This does not mean these are the only things I will say no to, I reserve the right to deny commissions for any reason I want to in the end, these are simply common reasons I say no.


-You have to be over 21 years old

-I only do F/F scenarios (women spanking women), nothing against the others, just not my thing.

-No characters in any of the art or scenes can be under 18, they may be spanked and forced to wear immature clothing (even diapers), but they themselves must be an adult and have the body and mind of an adult.

-No photo references of friends or family, I cannot verify consent of the people in these pics. You may send photos for costume/character references and such, and you may also send photos of pro models you'd like to reference, but if you grab a pic of someone you know off of facebook I will decline the commission.

-No genital spanking or torture pics, spankings on the butt and humiliation are okay.

-No Licensed Characters in commissions (trades with other artists are okay because I am not making money off of it), instead parody characters can be used (Example, instead of Laura Croft it could be Lorena Krauff, with subtle differences in looks).

-No wet/messy scenes, women can be forced to wear diapers and implied they are used outside of the pic (example, spanker mentions changing spankees diaper), but it will not be in the drawings.

-No misogyny, racism, or any other kinda prejudice themes (example, business woman spanked because she is a spoiled brat is okay, business woman spanked simply because she is a woman and needs to be put in her place is not).

-Characters must be human, it could be a woman treated as a dog (pet play) but she has to be a human, I have nothing against anthro fetish it is just not my thing.

-I may post the images on my sites (tumblr, fetlife, and so on) less we agree otherwise.

-I reserve the right to deny a commission at any point, this does not mean I will take money and run, I only accept payments after I have already finished the work and before I send it to the purchaser. This entails if I agree to make a commission then change my mind, I have to full right to say no.

Hope that all makes sense :) Also, don't take offense to any of this, this is just what I choose to work within, I have nothing against people into some of these topics (like F/M spanking, or furries), it's just not my interest.
Finally decided to make a dev account for spankingtoons! I won't be posting all work here, but a good chunk of it! There is a lot of amazing kinky artists on here, and I can't wait to connect with them! Also, I wanted to open my range on clientele for commissions! I am fairly busy today (being thanksgiving and all) but I will post prices and rules for commissions in a day or two! Until then, hope you all enjoy the kinky gallery!