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Sitran Region FakeDex

By Spalding004
I am working on a romhack, "Divergent Sunset" (which has an imaginary paired version called "Divergent Sunrise") with a mix of pokemon from all generations and quite a few fakes as well.

Some of these sprites will be revised, and some have been revised over their individual postings.

All of the above fakemon were created by me, except the following:

Suplat by *Royaba
Platysplat by *Royaba
Platypound by *Royaba
Aardorn by ~Magic-Purple-Hermit
Aardart by ~Magic-Purple-Hermit [link]
Dynavolt (original) by ~KawaiiPocketMonster
Psynaps, Denvivo, Somatose by ~Psyentists
Barraskull by *Royaba
Ignaunt by ~Drigomen
Wispowill by ~Drigomen
Draconeon by ~Denki-Mewten

The dex base was provided by ~princess-phoenix

All sprites used with permission or under a creative-commons license granting the authority to do so :) If you decide you don't want your sprites used after all, send me a note (do not make ignorant, belligerent comments) and I will happily remove them (Unless you are *Royaba, in which case: I know where the bodies are buried).

All others are original pokemon and were, of course, created by Gamefreak.

Original can be found here:
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© 2013 - 2021 Spalding004
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Can I use Yiinaang, Toucanary, Raptoucan, Peritop, Tikoal, Tikitorch, Bombous, Nimbulex, Cuburn & Velocitile? (I've seen Suplat, Dynavolt, Wispowill and Draconeon are done by other people, so I'm not asking for them) They are very good! :D
Spalding004's avatar
Of course you can! Thank you very much :)

Suplat is fine to use too!
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Very very nice! I could easily spend an hour looking at any fakemon, and these are some of my favorites :P.
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Thank you very much :) There are a few I am not very happy with, looking back, and would like to re-do but alas, time.
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Time is everyone's worst enemy :P.
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i love your work but when i download it and resize it to 64 x 64 it gets distorted any ideas
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Oh, to use them at 64x64 you have to actually cut them out of the background; that's just there for display.
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Can i use some? I'll give credit...
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Of course! The only ones I can't give you permission for are the ones listed in the description. The rest are fair game. If you tell me which ones you are interested in, I can see if I have full spritesheets for them that I can just send you to make it easier.  I also have updated front-sprites for a few of them (that are way better) and can send those too.  For a lot of them I have one-frame menu sprites (non-animated) too.
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