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Sketch - Wanna Race?

Traditional collab color sketch with kenket 

The original will be for sale at BABSCon!

Just seeing this art NOW? Well, Patreon supporters get to see my art (as well as WIPs) first!
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I'll bet that Gilda would be quite up to a race. How this race would end is anyone's guess since these two seemed to be evenly matched in the show. I love how ruffled up Gilda's feathers as well as Dash's mane and tail are since it helps with the general look of the two characters. Their expressions are very confident and match their personalities perfectly and I'd be eager to see how a race between the duo would turn out.
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I wish Gilda was used more on the show.
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Wow, your art is awesome! But may I ask, what type of pen/pencil/whatever did you use to colout it?
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Looks awesome!!! :XD: :XD: :XD:
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What do you use to color it?
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I mean a program or something
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It was DRAWN by hand
Browniekitten's avatar
using what, crayons, colored pencils stuff like that
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I know she was some sort of mini-villain, but I'd really like to see Gilda come back!
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She makes a cameo in the latest episode, or so I've heard.
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Oh really? That's good news! Even though I'd prefer some kind of interaction, but still!
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This fandom always needs more Gilda.!
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Unfortunately it turned out Gilda was a jerk...but whatever...
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Beautiful work
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This is really cute!
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Yes!!  More Gilda!!!  Awesome.
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This picture has good story telling. Love that its done traditionally. <D
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Super amazing work, however!!
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