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Patreon - King Shining

One of my patreon weekly pony rewards. This week was King Shining! 
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Lookin' real regal there.
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All pampered and properly regal. :)
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Love that regal outfit!
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Shining armor: "It good to be king"

Nice job on the cape
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The king is meant to be seen, not heard.
in other words, a decoration
Ep0nym0us's avatar
Looking regal~
vulpinecantdraw's avatar
w-where's his wingsies?!? :saddummy:
Warm-Vibe's avatar
He's a unicorn.
vulpinecantdraw's avatar
royalty should all be alicorns though!! =p
Warm-Vibe's avatar
That would be nice :) Hehe, I could imagine Shining Armour with wings.

Though I don't think it'd work with Prince Blue Blood..
vulpinecantdraw's avatar
o-oops okay maybe just the sparkle bloodline royalty deserve wings! ^^;
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Eh, it's more like Prince Consort, but tell yourself whatever ya what, Shining.
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Equestria is very loose with royal titles.
Blueblood was meant to be a duke, but the same people that insisted Celestia be a princess decreed that there is exactly one title any child has heard of and will subsequently buy.
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you forgot the wingsWink/Razz 
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