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Morning Flight

Traditional painting on wood. Collaboration between myself and  kenket
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I definitely ship ThunderDash over the typical SoarinDash, i do not like that one at all, but anyway, great job!
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Whaaaaaaaat man... Those eyes are CRYSTAL CLEAR. Wonderful job!
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Looks most amazing.
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I ship Soarindash
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Aw!!! Nice!!! Looks very wonderful!!! :la: :la: :la:
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He's either challenging her to a race or flirting with her x3
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This is just wonderful! I love it.
I'll probably ever get a reply, but I was wondering if you allow your paintings to be used as covers for stories.
I always give credit and I never write clop. I have a bittersweet story for these two I'm working on and the picture fits perfectly ^.^
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Seems that was not the only ThunderDash Picture you made. You're a great artist! And of course, one of your images I've seen at the FimFiction banner! Because I commented on your story "Blue and Black Wings"!
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Dammit, your traditional art is absolutely mind-rending :heart: Traditional is my favorite sort of art, and your work is simply unbelievable.
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A painting on wood? I thought it was beautiful as is, but on wood too? That's nice.
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And I thought I was weird to to like ThunderxDash. I'm glad I'm not the only one.
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what tools did you use? 
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Don't kill me SoarinDash lovers but... ThunderDash ^-^
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Woho! I prefer Thunderdash over any other Rainbow shipping. :D :iconhigh5plz:
ThunderBlitz109's avatar
I am not alone! HoNk :0). Also, high 5 gladly accepted
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lol, no worries. This ship has really been growing on me lately
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This is amazing
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Great piece for a work you gah done did there. ;D
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Not my kinda ship, but I LOVE THIS! XD soooo cute! (Sorry for da spam! X3)
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Thunderlane: Hey there, good lookin'.
Rainbow Dash: Seriously? Buck off.
Thunderlane: What's with the hostility?
Rainbow Dash: You bailed when we were supposed to take the water up to cloudsdale.
Thunderlane: Oh... I was sick, tho--
Rainbow Dash: Excuses, excuses!
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He's totally chatting her up.
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