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Comic: Passive Aggression is Magic

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Published: July 19, 2012
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Seriously, girls. That was your solution??
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The Birth of a evil pony villain

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fanfics4everHobbyist General Artist
Spike, while they're scheming, go voice their concerns to Rainbow Dash and see if that works.
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Spike: How about you all go talk to her about how you feel? Be direct about how your concerns and work it out!

Twilight: ABSOLUTELY NOT! What we are GOING to do is rowin her life while crushing her spirit and making her stop being the big hero!

Spike: *slaps Twilight* NOT! OKAY! TWILIGHT! You are a horrible pony! And you sued be ashamed!

THANK YOU SPIKE! THANK! YOU! You are the real main character if you ask me.
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TharaxiaHobbyist Digital Artist
Mlp: Don't forget kids,if your friend is a show off..EMBARSSES AND CURSH THEIR SPIRIRTS
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Ever since this episode released I never cared for it.

The entire plot line of the episode was odd and this solution to the issue made very little to no sense at all. I really like this comic strip you made because it sums up pretty much just how I feel:

Spike symbolizes logic and Common Sense. He wanted to address the situation within the most appropriate manner that would have also been very efficient and would have worked.

The others are pretty much the exact definition of counterproductive. They're so-called "Solution" was easily one of the dumbest things they could have done.

( I understand that MLP is a cartoon that's targeted towards a younger audience, children but that pretty much only drives the point even further. With a show with the name friendship in it this episode didn't really teach children how to address a situation like this properly or in a mature fashion. Of course the story writers have to come up with something in order to make a script after all but there could have been several other unique ways they could have gone with the plot of the episode)
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LachlanDingoOfficialHobbyist Digital Artist
Lachlandingoarchive (5) by LachlanDingoArchive  :"Geez, that's kinda harsh, even for my other 5 friends, don't'cha think, Discord?" 
Discord (No) plz :"Trying to stand up for your crush, eh little dingo?"
Lachlandingoarchive (7) by LachlanDingoArchive : "H-HOW DID YOU KNOW?!"
Lachlandingoarchive (9) by LachlanDingoArchive : "I-I mean... no, I... just don't want Rainbow Dash feeling sad is all!" 
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BBBHueyHobbyist General Artist
Why do you keep bringing me into these..?
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LachlanDingoOfficialHobbyist Digital Artist
I don't know. Sorry man. ^^; I just have a wild imagination.
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BBBHueyHobbyist General Artist
Your imagination can carry you anywhere you want, but please don't let it drag me with you.
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LachlanDingoOfficialHobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry. ^^;
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NikkiHar18Hobbyist General Artist
Wow; dumb plan. What they did in that episode had NOTHING to do with friendship--just hypocrisy. Why must logical sense be totally ignored?
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serious-sam-64-64Hobbyist Digital Artist
Eyes rolling Spike  "Man you guys are gay... I need to get some guy friends..."
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Well, it's not as if Dashie woulda LISTENED if they HAD talked to her.
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Perhaps but that doesn't excuse them from trying. Just a one or two minute scene of them attempting to talk to her would have undone a lot of this episode's problems (though it wouldn't redeem it entirely).
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I honestly would've loved to see that scene too. 
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ZiblinkHobbyist Photographer
This is so true.
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cool23819Student Artist
Spike is not amused.
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Why is this the case with almost every RD episode?

-Rainbow is doing something they dont like
- they decide to give her anxiety (new hero pony, mad zombie infection)
-then go "lawl is doesnt feel good does it?"
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Like, only two episodes were like that. Most other Dash episodes are quite varied. 
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They still seem a lot harder on Dash. You'd think with Applejack's honesty, she'd be the one to tell them "We need to tell Dash the truth". Or they dont let her explain. like when theyre all like "you know Fluttershy's not a tree" when Rainbow Dash tries to explain
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CHRlSTOPHERHobbyist Artist
They do.  In Filli Vanille Pinkie was harassing Fluttershy and the mane 6 did nothing to stop it.
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