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Canterlot High - Big Macintosh

Sometimes you have to work on your family's farm so much, your grades suffer.

Another from our new side project, Canterlot High.

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Damn, remind me 10 years i spent in High School. What a nightmare.
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Oh, god. Its me /)_(\
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this is a pretty powerful picture.
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I personally connect with this one pretty well, as a person who has gone to school at one time or another, and has been expected to get good grades because of intelligence, I have always despised it when either: someone expects you to get good grades because you are smart (as previously mentioned) or when someone talks down to you because your grades are bad. I think many people have old-fashioned ideas about school, because I can tell you from experience, grades rarely have anything to do with intelligence.

Sorry about that, my spiel aside, great work, I really like the Canterlot High series.
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They may not mean much in terms of intelligence, but what they don do to displays is work ethics, and if you are willing to work hard to get those a's, and study all night to make sure you are ready for a test, then it prepares you for the real work, and put a good work ethic into you. It took me forever to develop a good work ethic, but when I did school was a major factor in it, and I'm glad I have because I'm getting more done know then ever!
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Yeah, it must be hard, especially since his parents passed on.
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this makes me sad for some reason ;o;
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Aw. Big Mac shouldn't have F's he's just shy!
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"Final essay: Should Equestria maintain normalized trade relations with the Gryphon Kingdoms despite unethical behavior by their leaders? Outline your position in ten pages or less.


Midnight-Lunalux's avatar
Bahahahaha xD Should'a seen that one coming xD
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Triangles by Isosceles,
Principles by Archimedes

Amo, amas, even amat
Make for one less way to skin the cat--

Two short planks
Try my luck on another day--
Must be thick as
Two short planks:
That's about all that I had to say.

--Jethro Tull
Dragonlover2170's avatar
Bic Mac isn't stupid! he's smart! it's like artists! They have amazing ideas but they can't it from their minds onto paper! So maybe Big mac did do his homework he just doesn't know how to put it on his papers.
KironStrife's avatar
I disagree with the general consensus that big Mac is stupid. Just because he doesn't say much doesn't mean that he's not intelligent.  There are people that believe that if you're going to say something it needs to be something worthwhile.
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the person mention in the description that the F aren't because he's stupid, but he because he has so much work on the farm it gets in the way of finishing his homework and studying. doesn't matter how smart you are if you have no time to work on it
KironStrife's avatar
I know. But there are several people that think he's stupid because he doesn't say much.
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ah i see. though that's a stupid conclusion for them to think of, that's like saying a mute person is dumb cause they don't talk when that's not true at all. far as i'm concerned there's plenty of evidence right in the show proving he's not stupid so i don't get how people could think he is *sighs and shakes head* what a world...
Eeveeworlds's avatar
Awwwwwww poor Big Mac.... :(
knucklesxjulie4ever's avatar
I know just how he feels. *pats his neck and him a gives him a hug*
Nilsup's avatar
I hate all the F's now! I hated them before too;(
Zabchan's avatar
awwww scuffy high school big mac is so adorable! and the brushwork is super fabulous!
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Don't worry, Mac. Book smart isn't the only kind of smart.
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oh.. poor Mac..
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Poor Big Mac... all those F's... :( :( :(
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