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Keep my name out of your mouth, keep your opinions to yourself, and fuck off.

What I do is absolutely none of your business. Who I talk to is absolutely none of your business. You can't control what I do. You can't control who talks to me, you also can't control who I talk to. Before you say I'm a threat to someone's mental health, learn the entire story from both sides and realize that perhaps I'm not the piece of shit you think I am.

I am no threat to you, stop treating me like I am. You don't even know me, you've heard others speak of me, sure, but that isn't the same thing by any means. Stop mentioning me, stop thinking about me, forget that I exist for all I care. I have never even had a proper conversation with you. You have no right to speak of me. 

Fuck off.


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de-santas Featured By Owner 4 days ago
every time i get drunk i laugh for ten minutes over the fact that the name ricardo exists
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